Monday, June 1, 2009

We're Home!

The trip isn't over until the mail has been collected and the laundry is done! We are getting there slowly. Got home at noon today and have been flying ever since.

Last night was unusual. We spent the night in South Carolina because we had driven 11 hours during the day. Because we are always traveling with a dog, we have stayed in motels that are happy to have dogs as guests. I can see now that I will need to do more research before the next trip. This brand of motel is getting worse and worse. Trying to get a reservation by phone while on the road, the last few times we have encountered accent problems. It seems more and more motels are being managed by people with East Indian heritage. They cannot understand our accent and we cannot understand their accent. So after trying to spell our last name at least 6 times, we just told him to forget it and we took our chances. Yes, we got a room.

Next, we got into the motel and were hungry for Chinese. Wrong idea! We called the local Chinese restaurant that delivers, and could not get our accent across to the Chinese lady on the other end. So, we drove to find it. It was still very difficult to make them understand at the restaurant what we wanted to order.

The Trout and I looked at each other and felt like we were in a foreign country. Is there something wrong with this picture? We have traveled to Europe often, and we always make an extra effort to speak the language as much as possible and try to fit in as "when in Rome."

Enough said. The frustration is over. This is America and all are welcome. This sure makes RV travel sound a lot better, doesn't it?


  1. It's good to have you back!

  2. Glad you are back home, all safe and sound. I hate that language barrier, I have hung up before when calling about Internet troubles with Verizon, the call center is in India.

  3. happy to know you made it home safe and sound! When are you coming to WI? any certain days in July?

  4. Welcome back home! I understand your frustration with different accents. Whenever we go on road trips, my husband usually calls at the last minute to make reservations. It's easier when he calls since he's a native German. But I must admit that a lot of Germans speak very well in English and have an understandable accent. But still, I let the hubby do all the talking even though I can also speak a fair amount of German. :-)