Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Crepe myrtle trees

This is a crepe myrtle, or crape myrtle, or known as Lagerstroemia. This is a beautiful tree that grows in the south and it is very heat tolerant. Crepe myrtles come in pink, fuchsia, red, coral/apricot, and near white colors. They bloom from mid summer to mid fall and actually have blooms for 60 days or more. Unfortunately for all the snowbirds who go north in the summer, they miss the beautiful color, because it is just a simple, boring, green-leaved tree in the winter and doesn't bloom until June. Crepe myrtles are beautiful, and I am glad I am here to enjoy them this year.


  1. Susan, we have crepe myrtle trees in Oregon, too. I suspect they don't bloom anywhere near as well as they do in Florida. I've seen only one color - a crimson touched with pink - and ours, too, bloom forever. It is beautiful but it has a lot of competition from the rhodies and azaleas. They CM's get lost in the maze of color that is spring here.

  2. Mary, I know how beautiful you have it in Oregon. Don't you just love spring?

  3. Susan, we have a place in Palm Coast where we spend the winter. We are in NC for the rest of the time. From Dowagiac Mich. originally. Saw that you have spent time in that area. Have dropped into your blog on occasion. Will visit more in the future.

  4. Penny, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I have also checked into your blog frequently. Stop by again.

  5. Hi Susan..
    My goodness that is a gorgeous Crepe Myrtle tree and the color of pink is just stunning! Thank you so much for coming to visit me!
    It is always so much fun to meet new people...
    I LOVE blogging..but I find I am always running behind...and spend a lot of time glued to this chair. :) But...SO much fun!! I try and leave responses to comment on my post.

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