Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This was a great meal!!

We are getting back into the swing of things in our own kitchen. The recipes on the blogs I follow have been phenomenal and I want to try them all. But, one day at a time. Tonight we grilled a Costco strip steak with Onion and Blue Cheese Sauce from the "Pioneer Woman Cooks" and Bacon Braised Green Beans from "A Nod is as Good as a Wink to a Blind Horse."

I found the fantastic Onion and Blue Cheese Sauce from the Pioneer Woman on a blog I follow every day, "A Feast for the Eyes".

This is another blog that I find wonderful. She can cook and is a true follower of the Pioneer Woman.

I have really enjoyed finding George Gaston at "A Nod". He is very creative with his recipes, photographs well and is very kind with his comments on my post. Please take a look and enjoy what this man has to offer.

Of course, such a meal needs a great wine and we had a French Bordeaux that went beautifully with such a great meal.


  1. Susan, many thanks for your kind words & comments about my blog. I have always found that food is a great way to communicate friendship to others; after all, food brings us together in so many different occasions.

    I am so glad that ya'll enjoyed the green beans. Your steak sounded pretty awesome, also. Take care...

  2. George does have a great blog. I am an avid follower of his blog. I will be making his Shepard's Pie this weekend.
    These recipes that you highlighted look wonderful. Isn't it great to have foodie friends in the blog world?

  3. A medical transcriptionist...we do have something in common more than the love of good food.This ddinner has me counting the hours until dinner.

  4. You also make it look so pretty. I love eating good looking food, make the experience so much more enjoyable!

  5. Oh, I am thrilled to read that you made this steak and sauce recipe and that you follow George's blog. What a compliment! If you make the German potato salad, I'd love to know how it turns out. It's hard to teach how to make something that I've never written down a recipe for!
    Thanks again, for visiting my blog and for the shout!

  6. Your photos are beautiful and the meal looks delicious.