Sunday, November 8, 2009


We live right next to the "winter strawberry capital of the world." Our newspaper this week was heralding a new strawberry we can try very soon. It is called Florida Radiance and it produces a lot of fruit in December. It is the first time since 2005 that a new variety has been grown in substantial 300 acres.

What I didn't know, and find amazing, is that the University of Florida has a research center where scientists develop new types of strawberries. "Only about one in 30,000 new varieties the scientists create actually makes it to market. " Are you kidding me? Doesn't that seem like an impossible number?

There are 5 popular varieties grown in Florida including Strawberry Festival, Treasure, Sweet Charlie, Winter Dawn and Carmine. Florida Radiance will be the new one. I am anxious to try it.

A Farmer's Market in France

We have usually traveled to Europe in May or early June, so we have always enjoyed the fresh strawberries in France or Italy at the markets. I remember two particular kinds of strawberries, I know there were more, and we would try both of them to see if we favored one over the other. What it came right down to was this...we loved whatever name the strawberries had.

It won't be long now until we can get fresh, red, juicy berries. How about strawberry shortcake for Thanksgiving?


  1. Please - I want George Gaston's Apple Strudel or an old favorite you did darn well Apple Pan Dowdy!!!

    Oh well beggers can't be choosy! As long as I can share this special day with you my Dear!!


  2. Susan, there is nothing better than a plump ripe strawberry and this new variety sounds like a choice addition.

    Growing up my favorite dessert was strawberry shortcake with a twist... I like it without the strawberries. One time I ordered it that way at restaurant and the chef came out to see who ordered it without the strawberries. There I sat, a grinning 6 year old... knowing hold I liked my strawberry shortcake!

  3. Your strawberry season is opposite ours, and a strawbery dessert would be wonderful for Thanksgiving. Think you could send me a box or two? No...guess I'll have to wait till next spring.

  4. Anonymous9:27 AM

    love love love strawberries... 'specially from the farmer's market... we used to freeze 'em and have s trawberry desserts all winter ..


  5. Yeah, Susan! We just got back to Florida and now I have strawberries to look forward to. Thanks for the timely post.

  6. Strawberries sound so good at this time of year. If we get to vote I'd like a strawberry tart - French style - with pastry cream and currant glaze.

  7. Okay ... I'm jealous. LOL
    The closest that I get to "fresh" strawberries is the freezer!

  8. I always get to missing fresh strawberries in the winter time. These are gorgeous!

  9. Strawberries at Christmas....that is somthing I cant wrap my brain around!!! LOL they look DELICIOUS!!!

  10. By the time they make it up here its not the same as fresh picked. But what a special treat for you! I love the France photo and the cobble stone streets.