Friday, November 27, 2009


Because it is just the two of us in this house, I rarely make pie anymore. When I had a source, I used to make the best black raspberry pie. The Trout loves my Apple Pan Dowdy, and a very favorite of ours is Mincemeat Pie. Years ago, each Christmas we would get a 16" mincemeat pie shipped from The New York Athletic Club. The two of us were the only ones who loved this pie. So, we ate and ate and ate. It has been years since we had this treat.

I bought the jarred mincemeat filling, ready to make this treat, when my neighbor gave me quite a few lemons from her tree. She also said that she knew I would make something good out of the lemons. I also knew that a light pie would be perfect after a heavy Thanksgiving dinner.

Go back 44 years (WOW) and I was reminded of a recipe given to me by a friend. I made this pie quite often in those days. Thinking about our abundant meal on Thursday, Mile High Lemon Chiffon Pie just seemed to be the right thing to do.

This recipe is from the Stone's Creek Restaurant in Marshalltown, Iowa. I have no idea if this place still exists, but they sure had a good dessert on their menu in the 1960's.


8 egg yolks, slightly beaten
1 cup sugar
2 lemons (juice) don't use bottled lemon juice
2 lemon rinds, grated
salt to taste

Cook above in double boiler, stirring frequently until consistency of thick custard. This takes quite a while, but must be thick custard.

Combine 2 tablespoons unflavored gelatin in 1/2 cup cold water
Soak gelatin in cold water until dissolved and then add to hot custard and allow to cool.

Beat 8 egg whites stiff, but not dry. Beat in 1 cup sugar, gradually, and then beat again.

Fold cooled custard into beaten egg whites. Put in baked pie shell and chill at least 3 hours. Top with whipped cream.


  1. Susan, I love your style and taste! Both in food and furnishings ~ that is a wonderful looking platter.

    I, too, enjoy a good mincemeat pie, but as you say, it is hard to find others nowadays to eat it with me. I will have to 'google' The NYC Athletic Club about theirs ~ I'm sure it is incredible.

    Your 44 year old Mile High Lemon pie is as fresh to day, as it was then. Your rendition looks delicious. I hope your neighbor continues to furnish you with her beautiful lemons.

    Hope you & The Trout had a terrific turkey day...

  2. Love the platter! My mouth is watering reading about that pie.It sounds delicious. I don't bake pies but would if I could and try to make that one. Isn't this weather great?

  3. What a lovely pie! Lemon is a great way to coclude a heavy meal. I'll wager this was delicious.

  4. That plate!!! Love it!
    That pie! How can I possibly salivate over another thing? That pie is a winner. As I sit here indulging in a cup of very strong dark french roast coffee with a LIBERAL portion of real whipped cream on top....(oh my thighs)

  5. ps I add a finely chopped apple and some real brandy to the jar of mincemeat and it improves it a good bit--I love that pie too--I love FOOD.

  6. Karen are right. Apple and brandy would do wonders. Will remember that next time. And as for whipped cream. We hardly use it as much as Europeans. Every dessert seems to have it. It is to be enjoyed!!!!

  7. Oh boy...I just received a bag of lemons! Can't think of a better way to use them! Yum!!

  8. it looks heavenly...unfortunately my family bequeathed me with mile high cholesterol....