Friday, November 6, 2009

Pictures I promised

In August when I posted that it was our wedding anniversary, we were in Montana and I did not have access to old pictures. I promised some of my oldest friends, those who were at our wedding, specifically, that I would post our wedding picture. You have to be in the time mode. This was August, 1966. Our country was not in the best of shape with Vietnam happening, etc. But, for a couple of young kids, (actually we were 22 and 21) we were setting out on the trip of a lifetime.
One short year later, we would not be able to spend our first anniversary together. Uncle Sam called loud and clear. This is a photo taken while a friend and I drove from Iowa to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, to surprise our husbands. I learned first hand that the Army has many rules and one is that you do not make surprise visits.

Someone there had a heart and gave us time together. And as luck has it, after basic training, the Trout got orders for Germany instead of Vietnam.

These pictures bring back many memories. How quirky is it that I am wearing a military type shirt also?


  1. Anonymous10:25 AM

    Yes, these are the kids that I remember! The late 60s were hectic and traumatic in so many ways. I remember the day when I was in graduate school at Indiana when President Johnson announced that we were accelerating the situation in Viet Nam. I had just had my 26th birthday and so I was not subject to the draft. Guys a few months younger than I am were drafted left and right. Dale was fortunate to be sent to Germany. My brother who is a year younger than I am was sent to Okinawa and he was relieved too. rw

  2. What great pictures. I am sure the memories you have that go with them are wonderful too. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. We had a very good start for our marriage overall I think although tenuous at times due to military uncertainty mainly. I proudly think we stood together through thick and thin and we came out quite well and still happy to be around each other I think (most of the time for Schnitzel I hope!!)

    We've had a lot of adventures over the years and fun times with our children and families and with many great friends.

    My Dear lets enjoy our lives together for many more years !

    Love Ya Trout

  4. Trout went and made me all weepy. It's not hard to tell the affection you two share. Therer are many more happy anniversaries ahead of you. Susan, you were a lovely bride.

  5. Very sweet pictures, but even sweeter is the love Trout has for you!

  6. What sweet photos. I love to look back on old photos of Honey and I, it always make me smile.:o)

    Thank you so much for entering my little giveaway:o) I sure hope you drop in for another visit soon. You and your family enjoy a most lovely weekend.



  7. These are wonderful goodness what a stunning couple!!!

    And Trout made me cry too!


  8. Awesome photos! Beautiful memories.

  9. Anonymous10:12 AM

    memories of magic... in your head, hands and heart


  10. Trout - you made me cry! What a wonderful statement. You 2 are just the best and I wish we could have had some time together this fall when you came back to our area... love you both much!!!

  11. Wonderful photos and memories, Susan. Thanks so much for sharing them.

  12. We were married in June of 1966. I remember those days well. Isn't it great to still be married to the one you chose in the beginning? It's obvious how Trout feels. That is so sweet.

  13. What a beautiful bride! Sounds like many good memories....

  14. Beautiful photos and even more beautiful sentiments between the two of you... one can easily see how 45 years would pass so quickly. here's to many, many more. blessings ~ tanna