Monday, November 30, 2009

Disney goes Hollywood

Where else are things done to perfection? The tree is tall and perfect, everything is clean and orderly, everyone friendly....I'm talking Disney World!

The Trout and I spent the day at Hollywood Studios at Disney World. After volunteering a lot last month at Disney, today was a day for play. Our first time to Hollywood Studios, and we had a great time. Amazing what we squeezed into a day, but the crowds were thin which helped. You can see the picture perfect blue sky. About 76 degrees today--perfect.

Photo above is a view of New York City - Disney World style.

The Muppet Show was great fun. 3-D and the muppets seemed to be right in our faces. Lots of laughs. And, of course, my favorite, Miss Piggy!!

I had to take a picture of Miss Piggy's clothing trunks. Such a lady, she is.

We managed to experience The Great Movie Ride, Indiana Jones, The Studio Backlot Tour, Toy Story, Journey into Narnia, and Beauty and the Beast.

Had a very nice lunch at The Brown Derby. The original one, in Hollywood, CA, closed in the 80's. So, of course, had to have the traditional Cobb Salad which was first served in California at the Brown Derby.

It is very typical...when you live near to something special, you rarely go to see it. I am so glad we went to Disney today, especially before the Christmas crowds get here. (smile) You all have a Magical Day!!


  1. Susan, sounds like a wonder day! Miss Piggy is my favorite, too. But then, all The Muppets characters are special.

  2. What a fun day! I have a favor to ask. May I use your picture of Ms. Piggy's wardrobe? I will of course credit you and provide a link back to your site. Please, please, please....your very best friend in the whole wide world, Mary.

  3. Of course, Mary. I sent you an email.

  4. You're so lucky ! Looks like you had a wonderful day ... thanks for sharing it with us !

  5. Anonymous1:10 PM

    ah yes... the "native " NYer in me can relate...


  6. Susan, Sorry I missed you at Disney World! We probably passed each other and did not even realize it. I love Miss Piggy too.