Sunday, August 2, 2009

St. Timothy's at Southern Cross

While in Montana during July and August, we like to go to church on Sunday's at St. Timothy's. It is located at 7000 feet altitude, above Georgetown Lake, at the ghost town of Southern Cross. The chapel was dedicated in 1965 by a family in remembrance of their son, Timothy Dillon Bowman, who died at the age of 18 in 1956. Timothy was a theological student at the time of his death. The church is under the auspices of the Presbyterian Church.

The church seats 150 and only has services June through August, but the view over Georgetown Lake is magnificent. You see the Pintler Wilderness area and the Continental Divide with peaks soaring to a height of 11,000 feet. Guest pastors come to spend the summer here and they all fall in love with this Montana view.

The stained glass and the view of the sky, clouds and mountains make this a very special place indeed. We always look forward to coming back and meeting old friends that we make during fellowship time after the service.


  1. How beautiful! Still makeing me jealous!

  2. That stained glass is so beautiful and what a lovely view!

  3. How beautiful. The stained glass window is so pretty with the sky and trees in it. Truly is God's country isn't it?