Friday, August 7, 2009

Changing weather

Our Montana weather has been so unpredictable. Rain yesterday, in the night and again today. In fact, we just had pencil eraser-sized hail and thunder. Temperature right now is 48 F and guess, what? The Trout is out trying to drive out of this weather pattern and find a place to fish.

I told him, stop at the Sweet Palace on your way home, because I might need some chocolate. Have not had any chocolates in about a month now, and the cabin fever is getting to me. (smile)

Over a month ago, the Trout was playing catch football with our 8 year-old grandson when he got his left ring finger jammed. It hurt and he has complained some. He got himself a splint and ice pack, but on occasion it still hurt a lot. So this morning, he went in the ER and had x-rays. Seems he tore the tendon crossing the knuckle and when that ripped, it took out a small chunk of bone. So, therefore the pain. He is now in a different splint for a month. Hope this works. At least it is his left hand and he can still toss the trout flies as he back swings his fly rod.

They are starting to know us at this ER. It was just about a year ago when I went in with a broken ankle after slipping off an icy step here at the cabin on August 20.

Those $40 converter boxes that were being handed out to change TV's to digital broadcasting....well, they don't work here. With an antennae here at the cabin, we were able to get NBC and CBS which was great, because all we really are interested in is the news. Well, now we get nothing. A lot of people who live "out" a ways are having this trouble. Nobody thought about that, did they? The strange thing is, no one knows who to call to fix this. Certainly Dish network people do not want to get involved and there is no cable out here. Strange, very strange.


  1. Gloria1:04 PM

    Loose yourself in deliciously rich silky smooth DOVE Dark Chocolate Squares. Each individually wrapped in red metallic with "Dove Dark Chocolate" written on the outside and a PROMISES message inside each wrapper.

    I copied the above paragraph from a website. I ALWAYS have these around--you do know that Chocolate is a food group, don't you. They are yummy yummy yummy. I used to be a milk chocolate person, but I am totally converted to these Dove Dark Chocolate promises--lots of antioxidants, you know :-)

  2. I agree with Gloria! Chocolate is FOR SURE a food group *hehe* and Dove chocolate, any of their varites, are absolutley divine. Hope your weather gets a bit nicer, and trouts finger mends fast!

  3. You two don't give me a chance to break my nasty chocolate habit!!!! snicker

  4. Take me there! A chocoholics haven! I asked my son who then referred me to his uncle whom he works for who owns a cable construction company about the boxes. He said he has not seen any place you can call to get help try google, so I did. Try this: issues related to the digital transition, including problems with reception or an antenna, should be directed to the FCC at or by calling 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322).

  5. Oh Jody handy are you? Thanks for the effort and getting me some info. Will give it a shot.

  6. and that is just the start of all the weird changes we are going to live with.
    did you say chocolate?

  7. TROUT, being the wonderful hubby I am did remember to stop for 12 assorted chocolates and a nice hunk of fudge!!! fishing sucked with cold and wet weather but had a nice visit with great friends who own the stream.

    AND Susan turned on the TV after Jody's note and lo and behold there was a picture for one channel - hope it lasts!! the weatherman promised a nice return to summer weather next week -dry and temps in the 80's!!

  8. Anonymous1:56 PM

    That reminds me of the early days when we were able to tune into two TV channels, one from Ames and one from Des Moines. We were so excited, though. We thought we were in 'hog heaven.' Before that we had to sit around the radio to listen to soap operas or something equally boring. That was not very enticing for a young child.

    Usually we had nothing but 'snow', I think they called it because the pictures would suddenly become nothing but a blur. Still, we would sit there and look at it.

    At that time our home was the only one in the neighborhood with a television set so all of the children for a couple of miles around came to our house after school to see Howdy Doody or the Lone Ranger and the Quaker Oats cannon shooting out that puffed cereal.

    The commercials worked because we all insisted that our parents stock up on that cereal. Quaker Puffed Oats was so special because we imagined that it actually was shot out of a cannon. We were kind of naive, I guess. rw