Thursday, August 13, 2009

Another new blogger friend

What can be more thrilling than meeting a fellow blogger. Well, I did that in July when the Trout and I met The Milk Man's Wife. Now I have topped that. The Trout and I went into Philipsburg, Montana, for lunch today and I met blogger friend number 2, Chris from Knitting Mania.

Chris and her husband are from California and are step by step building their retirement home out here in Montana. We are looking forward to sitting down with them sometime this summer to share a bottle of wine and to get to know each other. I find it so amazing that the computer has the capacity to bring so many people together who would never meet otherwise. You can get to know people rather well by reading their writings every day and they in turn, get to know you. I am just loving it! Oh by the way, check out the background of this picture. It was taken in the little shop where Chris is working. We talked so much, didn't even browse around. Will have to go back.

We made a little stop on the way home to check out some more Montana rental property. We could probably manage alright in this place, but not too sure if we want to get involved with the neighbors. It just might get to be a stinky situation.


  1. Ewww - yup - I think you could find better neighbors. But I just LOVE Montana.

  2. You are so funny, looks like those roofs might leak just a little.
    Can anything top meeting Heidi?
    I'll have to take your work on that. Ya'll are having too much fun.

  3. How exciting! Will you be back in Florida in early October? If so, maybe we can meet up. I'll be there for my daughters wedding.

  4. Libby, we probably won't be back in Lakeland until Oct 15. Does that mean I'll miss you? Hope not.

  5. Meeting a fellow blogger sounds fun! But mine aren't from around here. ( at least I don't think so.)

    Glad you had a good time though.


  6. It is nice to meet a fellow blogger -- I've met three and they were all wonderful!

  7. How wonderful to meet another kindred soul! I'm glad you decided to pass on the rental :-).

  8. Susan - the wedding is on the 10th. I don't know if I'll still be there on the 15th, but if I am - I'll make sure that we get together!!!!

  9. Isn't Phillipsburg fun? And the drive to there from anywhere so gorgeous.

    and, and, aaannnnddd - I, a fellow blogger am a mere 3 or 4 or 5 hours north-west-ish. But, let me know if you'd like to meet halfway.

    I had a reader stop last summer and she and her husband may be back this fall. Another due here in October and one is now a neighbor as she married a Montanan and moved here from CA.

    I have wonderful friendships from my internet buds and look forward to meeting you someday.

    They are catching - I don't know the spelling and have been unable to find it so am way off...but sounds like co - ca - nee - in Echo Lake by me.

  10. Oh Susan, it was my pleasure to meet you and Mr. Trout man!! How fun was our short little visit???

    Our pic turned out so good, I copied it and saved it, (hope that was okay). :)

    Looking forward to getting together with you two once all our visitors return home and we find some time. Sound good?


  11. The blog world is an amazing place :-)

  12. How fun to meet bloggy friends! :0) That is a sweet photo of you two.