Monday, March 2, 2009

The Trial Run

The Trout and I have volunteered to deliver "Meals on Wheels" to 9 homes on Tuesdays starting tomorrow. Since this will cover a part of town unfamiliar to us, we did a trial run today. Made a few changes to make it more convenient and I guess we are all set to start tomorrow morning.

My mother-in-law received this service for several years before her death, and it just seems so right that we pay back all the kindness that was shown her. Wish us luck as we fly through town with the food mobile tomorrow.


  1. Susan, how nice that you and Dale are doing this together.

  2. Have fun today. Hope you meet some interesting people.


    You may have to bake some bread for your favorite clients.

  3. Very cool. You will feel so good about doing this and meeting people in your community. Just don't start cleaning up their place. Let us know how it went. Love, E