Thursday, March 12, 2009

Just a little chit chat

The guys went golfing at Disney yesterday and then the girls met them at a nearby restaurant last night. The day was so beautiful--84 degrees and lots of sun and blue skies.

All ready to watch the Discovery space shuttle launch last night when I saw on the TV news flash that during fueling they developed a leak and the launch was cancelled. It would have been a beautiful night launch. We have seen several since moving to Florida. We really have to make an effort to get to Cape Canaveral to see one up close and personal. They will be stopping them soon so time is running out.

Our neighbors told us they spotted a cougar in their back yard, lying by their pond and others have said they have seen "large kitty tracks" near the edge of some of the ponds. Well, no more late night walks with the fluffy white thing we call our best friend.

Speaking of our dog, Kippy tore her ACL, anterior cruciate ligament, about 2 months ago. This was her good leg. She had torn the other knee last year and recovered quite nicely. She is 13 so surgery is not an option. So, in trying to help her, we have been lifting her up and down steps and onto the couch (yes, we allow that because she doesn't shed) and because she weighs almost 12 pounds, I have hurt my left thumb in putting all her weight on my hand in holding her. Now, that has developed into what looks like arthritis of my thumb. I have never had joint pains so had to ask someone if this is what it could be. A former nurse neighbor has described how I can make it feel better, so will try wrapping with those Icy Hot pads and see what happens. I have a physical with my doctor in early April and refuse to go in sooner. This is the beginning of those old age pains, is that right?

We've decided to cancel our trip to France this spring. The economy is just too uncertain. It will be hard not going, but we have lots of memories of previous trips and I am thinking everything will be looking better next year.

Have a good day today. I'll be thinking of you all.


  1. You are making me laugh...I suspect that you sprained your thumb lifting the dog and it probably has nothing to do with old age. I'm sorry to hear he's having problems and hope he's not uncomfortable.

  2. Good morning, Mary! Up a little early on the west coast? ;)

  3. We have cougar sightings up here now too. Hope you and Kippy are doing better. Erika