Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Here's a laugh for you!

Just a touch of humor today. I have been hesitating posting this for some time, but then today I thought, "hey, there are a lot of senior citizens out there, some more senior than others, and sometimes you just have to laugh at your life."

Let's clear something at the start, this story is not about me. Now, that that is in the open, let me tell you a true story of 3 ladies in their 70's. They had not seen each other in quite a few years, so two of them flew down here to Florida to visit the other one living here.

I have had two friends, in the past, come down here and do the same kind of visit. We laughed continuously and had a great, great time.

Anyway, back to the story. These 3 ladies went to the movies and got a large container of popcorn to share. Pretty soon, one of the ladies had a corn husk caught in her upper denture. She worked at it and worked at it and finally with a simply flip of her fingernail, the upper denture went flying under the seats in front of them.

So, now you have 3 ladies in their 70's, a dark movie theatre, and they are down on their hands and knees searching for an upper denture in the dark. Needless to say, the giggling started and as we can only imagine, one of the ladies wet her pants because of the intense laughter that they were trying to stifle.

The denture was found, a sweater was found to wrap around the second casualty and they giggled their way out of the movie theatre.

They get home, and husband finds out the story and he cannot keep it to himself, so soon it is spread all through the neighborhood. You know, the incident is not as funny as the fact that it could happen to anyone in those senior years!

Occasionally, I think of this story and it just makes me laugh and laughter is the best medicine in the world. Have a good day!


  1. Thank you for starting my day with a smile.

  2. LOL...thanks for the good chuckle this morning...loved it!

    Have a great day and stay blessed!

    OH, I think we are taking a very quick trip to P-Burg the second week of June, have a graduation to attend in Portland then we are swinging over to MTto check on the house. Then we'll head back there the first of August for 2 months to continue to work on the house.

    We'll stay in touch and maybe meet up for coffee at the Philipsburg Grind! :)

  3. Now this really makes me chuckle. Thanks for a good story, Susan.

  4. Dave K.7:36 PM

    Susan, you had mentioned this story to me in the recent past and I could not stop laughing! Now after reading your blog today I started laughing all over again! It is too funny for words! Laughter is truly the best medicine and we do have to laugh at ourselves!

  5. I laughed so hard I was crying!!! That is tooooo funny@@!

  6. Hi - I just dropped by via Wives with Knives!

    Small World - I just moved from Lakeland, Florida a couple of years ago. I lived there for about 25 years! We lived in the Grove Park area. I was just there for about 6 weeks (had surgery), and miss it already. I waited so many years for them to build a SAM'S Club on the South side of town, and wouldn't you know...they completed one right after I moved;(

    I'd love to hear from you know and then. You can let me know what's new in Central Florida.

    Next time I'm in town (in June I think), I'll give you a shout out!