Thursday, March 19, 2009

It was a magical day

As my immediate family knows all too well, I have a very unreasonable fear of heights. I have been rescued by the Trout from the wall surrounding Rothenburg, Germany, threatened to jump off a ski lift when it stopped at the very peak of the run (I felt jumping would be less painful) and can't walk to the edge of anything without feeling my legs collapse.

Well, we went to Disney yesterday, Epcot, and it was a perfect day. We met up with our friends from Wisconsin, Jim and Laurie, and had an absolutely enjoyable time. The highlight of the day would be the experience of "Soarin'". You are strapped into a seat similar to an airplane seat and there are thick metal handles beside your knees that you cling to. And then, they move you up toward the movie screen and the soaring begins. It is as if you are in a glider flying over California. You just miss getting hit by a golf ball slicing through the air at Pebble Beach, over the mountains, wine country and on and on. I am shutting my eyes a lot and keep telling myself, you are not flying, you are sitting and will not fall. I got through it and it really was so much fun. Did it cure my fear of heights? I really doubt it.

The Flower Expo at Epcot started yesterday and it was magnificent. We walked through all the countries and had dinner in Germany at the Biergarten. It felt so very comfortable being able to speak German again with our darling waitress from Berlin. And, of course, the food was wonderful but I still prefer my red cabbage recipe from last week.

We volunteer at Disney every fall for the golf classic and one of our payments for volunteering are tickets to Disney. It just made it all the nicer to know we had worked for this day and were rewarded generously.


  1. I so envy you the flower show. Your pictures are lovely. To be able to spend the day with friends was probably the frosting on the cake.

  2. Anonymous7:15 PM

    The golf ball is really over Palm Springs-- having vacationed there, I recognise the place.
    I have great sympathy for height fears etc. I have found that you just scream a lot and laugh because it is all make believe.
    We loved introducing you to the fun of Epcot.
    Laurie as in "Jim and Laurie"