Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's Called Golf

My day was so exciting! The Trout left early this morning for Orlando to play security guard on the 17th hole of the Bay Hill Golf Course. A group of us arrived later as spectators. I never in my wildest dream imagined that I would enjoy watching golf so much, but the last three years have proven to me that this is a wonderful sport to observe.

Of course, the day was beautiful, enough clouds to make the sun enjoyable even though the temperature did reach 83 degrees. We were sitting at the 9th hole and at one time, a golf ball came flying and landed 3 feet from my feet from where I was sitting. So exciting! And then, of course, you gotta love him, Tiger Woods played very near to where I was sitting. This guy has a talent that is so great, I just admire him and love to see him play in person.

The Trout gets to get back each day through Sunday, but I will be watching the Golf Channel on TV. The Bichon does not like being alone so long in her old age, even though she got so many treats from a neighbor who took care of her. The child that never leaves home, but that's okay!

So, don't disturb me while the golf game is on TV. I will be totally absorbed.


  1. I'm a "Tiger" fan, so I understand. Glad you had such a nice time.

  2. Hello Susan, I came over from Libby's blog. She is my very dear friend. I live in Lakeland, too. Did I miss it or was the recipe there for the German dish? Looked yummy!

  3. How exciting that you got to see Tiger. I'm always hoping we'll run into him when we are in Jupiter. No such luck yet. But when we lived in the islands we got a close up look at a lot of race car drivers and their fancy yachts.

    My father was a scratch golfer into his seventies. I always enjoyed going with him to the country club as a child after dinner while he "hit a few" as he called it. Too bad but I didn't inherit his talent. It would be a very nice hobby to have now that we're retired.
    Thanks for stopping by my kitchen. I'm still laughing about the egg story. What we will do to get food.


  4. Golf - exciting?
    I see the SassyDog has arrived here, glad she decided to come over and visit!
    I was so excited when I recognized Lake Mirrior on the HGTV Dream Home special. I called her on the phone, and told her to put on some make-up in case they arrived at her door. She didn't win ;-(, But it was cool that someone in Lakeland did!

  5. Oh yes, golf is exciting. Until you really, really try it, you canot know the challenge of hitting that little white ball just where you want it to go. The thrill of watching an expert make a perfect shot!! I know, I know, I am over the top!