Saturday, October 11, 2008

"You would think"...

I wonder how many times in the last 40+ years I have expressed myself by starting out with that phrase. It happened again tonight. As "the trout" was grilling up a beautiful 1 inch thick chop and the flame was getting lower and lower, I expounded with the phrase, "you would think, if they can land a man on the moon, they could figure out how to tell 'Joe six-pack' when the gas in the grill tank is reaching its end." Oh yes, I have fallen for the QVC meter that is attached to the tank. From this household, you get no rah rahs for that!! Sometimes it works, most of the time it doesn't. You have huge propane tanks attached to homes that have meters on them. I guess keeping a house warm and a gas stove running far exceeds the importance of keeping a gas grill going.

Living in Florida, we have finally come to the conclusion it is very important to always have a spare tank on hand. You never know when a hurricane or lightening strike will hit and your life will depend on the gas grill for food.

Getting back to only needed a 1 minute zap in the Amana radarange. How's that for getting a plug in for my hometown?

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  1. Howdy!! I came to your site through the farmers wife! You lived in Eau Claire huh - that is a little south of my home... The leaves are turning SO beautifully this year. do you miss that? :) stop over to my blog if you like, its about our farm and wierd family! LOL