Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Around Town

This morning on awaking, you could feel that the humidity is almost gone for the fall and winter and the air felt so much cooler. That will mean the windows open in the nighttime and breezes blowing through the house. I love this time of year in Florida.

The Trout and I decided to go to the local museum and view a collection of Frederic Remington's work, including 4 reproduced sculptures in 1000 ounces of silver each. So beautiful. I guess there is a little American cowboy in a lot of us.

Also included in the museum were interesting photos from a book "Material World: A Global Family Portrait" by Peter Menzel. Very thought provoking photos of families around the world with all their possessions outside, in front of their homes. Everyone should see this.


  1. What a lovely day to make the most out of a day. Tourist in your own city.

  2. We often forget that so many things to see and do are right within reach. I just read where Americans do not visit museums and former presidents' homes as they should. We still have not caught on as they do in Europe.