Sunday, October 5, 2008

Schnitzel and the Trout

It's just about time to start putting those special moments in life into a blog. I'm "Schnitzel", having a German background, even though my ancestors came to America 90 years before I was born in Iowa. The "Trout" would be my husband, who was once told by a young Frenchman, that he has "the passion of fly fishing in his blood."

I don't think we have ever lived a typical life. We married 45 years ago and within the first year, the Vietnam war separated us. The Trout was drafted into the Army and after US training, was sent to Heidelberg, Germany. "Is this a dream?" was my only comment. Wonderful memories go back to that year in Germany. After all, it was my first language.

We traveled extensively that year and have almost every year since. I will try to share some of the greater moments we have experienced and hopefully this will become a diary for the children and grandchildren when grandmother no longer knows where she is!!

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  1. Hello Susan, I'm enjoying your blog, especially as I have been to some of the areas that you have been writing about. I am still writing as well, though not as often as you are. Hope you are now feeling better.