Monday, October 27, 2008

The Trout

Let me introduce you to "The Trout". He has been my best friend for many years. We met in high school. Does anyone still marry high school sweethearts?We've been married 42 years and have been blessed with two wonderful daughters, two charming son-in-laws and four beautiful grandchildren.

The Trout and I have been traveling almost since day one. We honeymooned in Nassau, Bahamas. Interestingly, we married the same day as President Johnson's daughter, Lucy, and honeymooned on the same island.

The Trout has bone fished (this would be the saltwater fishing challenge) on many Caribbean islands, has fly fished for native trout in the streams of Wisconsin, Colorado, Alaska and Montana and even enjoyed casting a fly in Austria and France. But, he is always drawn back to Montana. Possibly not so much for the trout but for the beautiful environment trout live in and the wonderful people he has met through the years.

He started going to Montana for a week or two back in the very early '80's. Every year since he has made the trip spending as many as 10-12 weeks in Big Sky Country. It was only in the last several years that I suggested he keep a fish diary as it is harder to remember details as we age even though I would not have believed this 20 years ago! All fish are gently released (I know some have been kissed) back into the flowing streams to be caught again. We might have one or two meals of fried trout a year, but it is not on the top of our favorite list.

He keeps busy in the winter here in Florida by tying his own flys, building flyrods and golfing. I keep telling him, you can't fish all the time!! Or can you?

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  1. Ole and I were also high school sweethearts and will be married 42 years this coming May. Many people tell us we're real odd balls in this day and age because you just don't hear of that much anymore. Congrats to you and The Trout.