Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Such lovely memories

We just heard today and one of our favorites vacation spots in the Dordogne of France has just been sold. We have stayed with the Clark's in the Dordogne in their gites for the last two years. First of all, the Clark's are such wonderful Brits, we consider them dear friends. Their home is lovely, in the countryside and such a peaceful spot. The photos on the left shows the beautiful gite we rented for a week, and the lovely abri where we would sit before dinner and chat and enjoy a beautiful bottle of local wine while the brook trickled through the yard and added sound to the serene silence.
The Clark's wanting to spend more time with family in Great Britian, thought it would take two years to sell, and then they sold it almost immediately. Though they will no longer be renting gites in France, they do plan to live there part time and we certainly hope to see them again.

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  1. Hi dear Susan.
    Welcome to blogland :-)

    Oh, this gite looks like a wonderful place. How lucky you are to have stayed there two years. Some years ago we spent a week at a gite in Provence with some French friends of us. It was lovely!