Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Stones and the View

Of all the small villages we have walked through in the last few years, there is always one that tugs at me a little more.  One that means more to my inner self than the others.  One that makes me say immediately, "I really like this place."  

This year there were two of these villages that spoke out to me.  Lacoste and Oppe'de-le-Vieux.  These small, stonework villages made of limestone, just had such beautiful character.

It's looking like some tender loving care could go into this walk-way.  It is also what helped my knee go into a place it has never been.  I am still trying to recover from the over-use I gave it.

And then you walk along and WOW!!  This was unexpected.  Yet, these beautiful little old villages draw artists of every kind.  Actually, I was kind of posing like this myself at the moment.  I just love these surprises.

Taking the walk toward to town of Oppe'de-le-Vieux.  The cypress trees are so impressive.  

And, of course, the view.  Now, who would not want to wake up to this every morning?


  1. Really enjuyed reading this; you are so right about a little something that stirs inside our soul. Those trees are impressice

  2. I do remember those stone walkways of Lacoste. Thanks for the memory.

  3. What a beautiful view but I have to say that looking at that walkway that needed tender loving care made my knee hurt just thinking about walking on it. But of course that's the last thing we think of when we're having fun and enjoying ourselves on a trip, especially to France.

    Hope your knee is better soon Susan. I know the pain.

  4. Thanks for the tour, I just love these little places in France they always have something of interest hidden away. Hope the knee soon improves. Diane

  5. What beautiful views. There's nothing quite like native stonework, in its proper location. All the stone mansions in the world aren't as lovely as a simple stone house, grown out of the very ground on which it sits.

  6. Susan, your love of these places shows through your words and your photos... I so enjoy touring with you. blessings ~ tanna

  7. Ouch, I know how painful it can be to walk all day on such streets. I've looked for years for shoes that take the stress out of it. Some help but I always end up with sore knees and hips.

  8. Your photos are reallywonderful, Susan. They are the next best thing to being there. Take care. Blessings...Mary

  9. What a beautiful walk that was~I can understand why it is one of your favorites!

  10. I do love visiting your blog. We tend to to travel to the same places, have the same ways of searching out the best restaurants and most of all, visiting the small villages. France is a wonderful country to visit.

  11. I'm enjoying my travels with you--and my knees are grateful that I'm "armchair traveling"!!


  12. OH how I envy you and your travels!! You are doing what my husband and I dream of eventually seems like it will never happen, but I hope it will someday. ;o)

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures, I hope you are thoroughly enjoying paradise!


    ~Just a Girl