Friday, July 15, 2011

Pictures that tell it all

Sometimes, a picture speaks a thousand words.  These apricots which we purchased at a market in Provence were so perfect, so aromatic and tasted wonderful.

Banon cheese, wrapped in chestnut leaves and tied with raffia.

It was an outstanding goat cheese. 

At Bistro les Petits Carreaux in Paris, a roasted lamb shank with lots of dauphine potatoes.  No need to tell you that it was wonderful.

A beautiful paella available for purchase at the many markets.  Just a little left, but look at the shrimp!!

When it comes in food in France, sometimes the pictures say it all!!


  1. Whenever you describe your time on Provence; I get a good feeling; that cheese, the apricots, the lamb...oh la la! Comme ç'est bon; merci.

  2. Well, now I really have to go make something to eat!

  3. I'm drooling over that lamb of my favorite things to eat. I make them often. When I have time I use Gourmet's old red wine recipe...baked for a couple hours. My mother taught me a quicker way. Just bake with salt and pepper for an hour. Not quite as tender, but the lamb shines through.
    The apricots look beautiful!

  4. I'm slowly catching up on your travels. I had never really thought I'd like to visit france, but you do make it look and sound so wonderful, oh goodness the food looks amaZING! You do find some very nice suprises to share with us. And how fun are your new-old door knockers!?! Now Montana is a must see some day, your view is so nice. you need to hang your laundry on your awning to really look like the Klampets:)

  5. I'm going to have to stop and have a bite to eat. I wish it could be apricots and cheese.


  6. Just bought some apricots like the one you show here and made an apricot clafoutis - delicous!