Saturday, April 17, 2010

My dreams and the Thunderbirds

The Air Force Thunderbirds are in town and we caught them practicing yesterday for the annual Sun 'n Fun get together here in Lakeland.

They are so fast and loud, you can't help but have goose bumps!! It just is so makes you proud.
I am up early. In 11 days we will be flying across the big pond. That is if everything is in order again, like no volcanic clouds over Iceland, no airline get the picture.
So, as predicted, I am having crazy dreams. It always happens this way. You would think after all these years of traveling, the dreams would subside. I just heard Dr. Oz say that during REM sleep, your arms and legs are partially paralyzed so that you do not act out your dreams. That is a good thing, because all last night I was back in my childhood home waiting for the school bus and I keep missing it. You know, it just doesn't seem right for a child to have so much "missing the bus" stress before school. I can't believe I am still experiencing it.
The Trout must be having dreams also. He woke me in the middle of the night to remind me to get out the passports so we don't forget them. That dream will start closer to take-off for me. I find myself at the airport in my dreams, and without passport.
I have been reading on different blogs that computers are crashing. Several years ago, we got a second computer, a laptop. That is the one I use. It has been getting slower and slower so yesterday we took it in to be over-hauled before something bad happens. So, I am sharing the desktop with the Trout. That also means I will be cutting down the time I use the computer for a few days which is probably a good thing. I have much to take care of before we go on this trip.
Oh yes, we are driving 15 hours to get to the airport. Isn't that a hoot? Our bichon is getting older and we do not have the heart to put her in a kennel anymore. So, we are taking her to our daughter's house so that she can have a good time with her family while we are gone. It also gives us a wonderful chance to spend some time with our grandsons again. We see them several times a year, but do miss all the grandkids a lot.


  1. Love to see those planes; here we call them our Snowbirds.
    I hope all goes well for ŷour trip across the pond; I know what you mean about dreams before travelling. I start about a week before; drives me nuts.

  2. Susan, I have those recurring dreams too sometimes. Awful - just awful they are so frustrating.

    My husband would love to see the Thunderbirds. We had our own plane for years and he misses it like crazy.

    I hope you and the Trout have a wonderful trip. I just know you will. That's great that your little sweetie pie will be at your daughter's house. We would do the same thing for our "children."

    Fly safely and have a great time.

  3. I love the pre-travel prep and excitment. Nice picture of those airplanes in the serene blue sky.


  4. Living in Plant City, we see and hear the planes fly over for the Sun N Fun each day. The Thunderbirds are very thrilling to see for sure! Your life sounds so exciting always traveling and all. Praying you have a great time, and that all goes well.

  5. They flew over yesterday when I was taking a nap. I sat straight up and said The Thunderbirds are at it again. Gives me chillbumps when I think of them. The green beans in the previous post look really tasty! Kippy will be happy with family, You will get it all together by the time to leave. That volvanic ash is something else and still spewing.

  6. I feel for you, Susan. I hate those anxiety dreams that often come when I'm planning something big or stressing out over one thing or another.

    I hope nothing prevents your taking off for France. A volcano of all things! I remember the ash rain when Mt. St. Helen erupted a little north of Portland. Awful.

  7. Susan, Thunderbirds and/or Blue Angels are phenomenal; we haven't seen them in years.

    Hopefully you won't have any difficulty with your trip. We have friends currently in Spain and headed to France for 2 weeks... perhaps all will be cleared by the time you depart and they return.

  8. Who would have thought such a disruption in air travel to europe could occur?! Hope all is clear before you leave and that you have a wonderful time with lots of photos to share when you return.

    Those Thunderbirds are pretty awesome. Saw the Blue Angels over Lake Michigan not too long ago.