Sunday, September 20, 2009

It's Sunday!

I thought this was an appropriate posting for a Sunday. On our travels in Montana, we came across this beautiful stone church, St. Mary's Catholic Church in Laurin, Montana. It was built in 1901 and obviously has been lovingly cared for, for over 100 years.
The interior reminded me a lot of churches we have visited in Europe. The town we found this church in has a very small population.
And, just to let you know, it is a very cool day out today, so The Trout started a fire to warm us up. Not surprisingly, he is already out somewhere fishing. Our days in Montana are slowly drawing to a close, so not a minute can be wasted.


  1. Susan, I love the fire you have going. It has been raining here for six days and although it is warm , I am so tempted to light a fire. Thank you for the recommendation of Becco. I do know of Lidia and her son Joe; he is connected with Mario in some restaurants I think. Becco sounds perfect for a girls' nignt out with pasta and wine. One of my favorite lunch places is Mario's original restaurants, Po in the Village. Enjoy Grey Gardens.

  2. Thanks for sharing that beautiful church.

  3. There is just some thing so special about an old church. Thanks for sharing. We turned on our pellet stove, it felt so good.