Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Give a HOOT, Don't Pollute!

Do you remember from years ago, the saying on TV to get us to help clean up our environment? Give a Hoot, Don't Pollute. Well, talk about hooting! This huge owl flew into our yard and just stared at us. Our neighbor, Louie, said it was a Great Gray Owl. He was very large. Be sure to double-click on the picture to see his cute face.
And, of course, one more trout picture. This picture is especially for The Milkman's Wife's Big Son! He has such an interest in trout fishing, that The Trout wanted him to be sure to see this one. It turns out to be the biggest of the season so far. I am told 19". He is a beauty.


  1. That owl is adorable... Looks cuddly sitting on that branch... :-) Hope he stays in your yard there and becomes a fixture there so you can enjoy him ... :-) Maybe put out " Owl Food " what do they eat? ( Google, here I come! ) LOL

    ~ Susan

  2. You have the most interesting visitors, Susan. I've never seen an owl that big. Or a trout that big either.

  3. I do have to say those trout get prettier each time you post a picture of them, maybe they're growing on me! That owl is pretty, hope it helps keep the mouse population down!

  4. I'll bet Trout is impossible to live with since the big catch :-). I hope you are both having a wonderful day.

  5. owl gorgeous...what a great photo.

    Looking forward to tomorrow night, I'll call around 3ish to figure out which two pizza's we want!

    Have a good rest of your day!!