Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Noah!

Twelve years ago today, The Trout and I were given the most miraculous gift of all...our first grandchild. It opened up a part of our world that we could never have imagined. I had gone to my daughter's home in the last month of her pregnancy. We stenciled her kitchen and I made sure she was going up and down the ladder as the time was getting late and I would need to get back home to work soon.

Finally, labor started and she asked me if I would like to be in the delivery room with her and my son-in-law. I was overwhelmed with happiness. Since I had both my daughters by C-section, I didn't know much about birthing babies. It turned out to be one of the greatest highlights of my life. The miracle of birth...and this was MY grandson.

Noah Michael has turned into a beautiful young man. He has just started middle school, loves baseball and the Yankees and is a great young ball player. He loves the sport.
Noah also loves to go fishing and when he comes down to Florida to visit us, he quickly gets the rod and reel and starts fishing in the pond behind our house.

Noah, happy 12th birthday. We are enjoying watching you grow and love you very, very much.


  1. Happy Birthday Noah. Enjoy your special day.

  2. What a lovely tribute to Noah!!! Happy Birthday to him.

    Hugs Susan!!!

  3. Noah, Happy Birthday! Give Grandma a hug :-).

  4. What a handsome young lad.
    I had mine c-sec...or hatched :) would love have the chance to see a grand baby come into this world.