Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Sandhills

We watched the sandhill cranes this morning walking on the golf course. I honestly believe that they walk the 18 holes every day. This year we finally saw the baby up close. They took a real brisk walk right by our home and I was able to get this picture.
Earlier we watched them on the golf course. The baby took off in his/her own direction. Mom and Dad had to hurry up behind to catch up and you could almost hear the scolding. Baby hurried behind a hedge and was almost playing peek-a-boo with the parents. After they, baby followed close behind. The Trout, on his walk later, saw them looking into the side of the car and seeing their reflection, were pecking at the car.
When the grandchildren were here over Christmas, we watched Mom and Dad tossing a pine cone back and forth; playing catch just like kids. It was such fun to see. I understand their beaks can be very dangerous if they decide to attack you with them. The golfers usually let them pass by and stay out of their way.
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  1. What an unusual picture. You have quite an eye.

  2. What a loving family! Did you the story in the news about the sandhill crane that was shot thru and thru with an arrow. They removed the arrow and kept it in rehab for awhile then released it back in the wild and it found its mate and baby. Just the other day!

  3. angie1:34 PM

    We love those Florida Chickens... Such a cute little guy. Glad you had the camera handy.

  4. What a great shot that is. The story about the parents tossing a pine cone back and forth is priceless.

  5. This is one of the many things that I miss about Florida! I've heard that Sandhill Cranes mate for life, and go back to the same nesting place each year.

  6. That picture is so cute. Mom or dad out for a stroll with baby.