Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kofta meatballs

Last week, The Trout and I visited a blog and found a recipe that spoke to us. You can find the recipe here at Chez Loulou.

We played 9 holes of golf on Sunday afternoon with two other couples and then came home and whipped this meal together in 20 minutes. The other two couples went out to eat, but we like to eat at home. And I really could not invite them because I doubt they would have enjoyed it as much as we did.

I also made carrots sauteed with olive oil, brown sugar, ginger and tarragon. Basmati rice for the Kofta meatballs for which we made a tzatziki sauce made with cucumbers, Greek yogurt, mint and garlic. We made the meatballs as LouLou did with ground beef, but I think next time we will use ground lamb since we like it so much. I will admit that the meatballs were made yesterday because we knew we would be short on time this afternoon. They warmed up nicely.

One more dinner that really tasted great.


  1. It sounds delicious, Susan.

  2. sounds wonderful! thank you for visiting me. I go to Britt's place too and it sounds to me like you are a wonderful cook!

  3. Yum, not only does it sound good, but your presentation makes it look really good. We like anything different, if we were the couple you played golf with, we would of loved it and would of come over for dinner in a heart beat!