Thursday, April 23, 2009

Just a thought or two

Not much to say today, but just a couple of thoughts. Today was laundry day. Believe me, I appreciate my in-home washer and dryer more than any other appliances in the house. But can anyone explain to me why dirty laundry weighs more than clean laundry?

I have gone to laundromats in the past, and I just don't like that kind of job. When we were living in Germany in 1968-69, I went to the Army base laundromat. That I enjoyed, because it was the only time I could meet some other military wives and we could talk about places to eat, shop, etc. That was enjoyable. Any other time in the laundromat has been just short of highly unpleasant.

I said that a washer, especially, is my most needed in-house appliance. One time, when we moved to a rental home waiting to buy a new home, the house did not have a range/stove for cooking. Instead of buying one and then in 6 months buying a home with one, I opted to make it work. We had a microwave that was used daily and an electric frypan. With these two small appliances and an outdoor grill, we lived very comfortably for 6 months, December-June in Wisconsin. My mother took pity on the grandchildren and sent Easter eggs that year by UPS. Boiling was something I could not do very easily.

The Bichon, Kippy, has been a little difficult the last few days. The Vet said she needed some antibiotics because of a tooth that will probably need to be removed in June. She is over 13 years old. So, this antibiotic is a capsule like any human would take. It has turned out to be a 2 man job to get her to take it. One holding her and keeping her jaws spread, and the other one tossing the capsule down the throat. Twice a day, mind you, for 10 days. I thought we were doing pretty good until this noon I found one of the capsules stuck in her beard. She thinks she is so clever. I had some difficulty getting my two young daughters to take medicine as children, but nothing like this.

Big day tomorrow. All day we will be Orlando judging the Crisco pie contest. Did anyone say pie? I will let you know what flavors we tasted and judged and how it all turned out late tomorrow. I am very excited.


  1. That contest sounds wonderful. Sorry you dog is having problems. Hope all will be well and the tooth removed without incident.

  2. Could you hide her pill in a piece of cheese,hotdog,or viena sausage. They go down easier if you put a little butter on the pill too. Or is she too smart for that. My dogs fall for it all the time. Pie tasting now that sounds fun! I'm so glad I don't have to go to a laundromat, except I do take my comforters to TJ's Tub and Suds. I pay them them to do it for me, but I could do them there by myself. I just drop them off and pick them up in a few hours. All clean and dry and they smell so good!

  3. Becky, I am so glad you commented. I just looked up TJ's in the phone book and I see they are on S. Florida. I do need a place to wash the BIG stuff. Thank you for letting me know this.

    As for the dog, she is much too smart for tricks...

  4. Your poor pup. My dog is pill resistant too. I had to laugh when you said you found the pill in her beard. My dog has done the same thing. And she clamps her jaws shut and there is no opening them ever since we had to force pills down her throat when she was younger. I hope you can find a way to get her to take them. Our bichon is very crafty and always figures out where the pill is and avoids it if I hide it in her food.

  5. OH I love pie!! Poor pup..thats how my kids feel about meds. Have fun and eat some pie for me!