Sunday, April 5, 2009

3 inches of wasted paper

I couldn't believe the Sunday newspaper. There were 3 inches of ads and coupons. Such a waste of paper. It just irks me. Do you clip and use coupons? I rarely do. If we had a grocer that would double the coupons like some do, I might reconsider.

We must shop differently than most of the population. There rarely is a coupon I can use. We generally shop the perimeter where you find produce, meats and dairy. The coupons seem to be for things I have never bought, though, today I did look through them. I found one for a soap product. I like those because I can save a $1 on something that isn't eaten. We don't buy frozen foods or vegetables so can't use those. I never see any for cheese or milk or eggs. Luckily our Publix does mark those down occasionally and you can buy without the coupon.

Seriously, isn't it a waste of time and money to produce this paper coupon stuff? I know, there are those who will argue with me, but I will not buy what I don't need just because there is a coupon. And, I have lived long enough to know if there is a brand I like, I will stick to it. But, on the other hand, I have changed to a lot of store brands on foods and find most of them comparable. Not all, but most. I feel if you go to the work to cook a nice meal, it does not pay to go cheaper with products. In fact, we occasionally drive to Tampa or Orlando to a Whole Foods Store because they carry wonderful organic foods and things that we like to use a lot. It is worth the trip and it is fun. I love Whole Foods.

Now, let's see if I find that soap coupon in my purse the next time I need it?


  1. I agree with you. The paper I get on Sunday is a small town paper and the coupons sometimes aren't even in it. There are however, websites now with many coupons that you can print and cut to take to the market.

  2. The boys just had a huge slice of pepperoni pizza from Whole Foods today for lunch. Yum.... I hope smelling it didn't add calories to my day.

  3. Anonymous11:00 AM

    I agree. Coupons just add weight to the newspaper as far as I am concerned. I know people who use them all of the time and they say it saves them money.

    You would envy me. I live within walking distance of a wonderful Whole Foods store. I just returned from there a few minutes ago. I purchased about $90 worth of supplements. They have a Vitamin punch card, though, and after five supplement purchases you get $20 off the next purchase. They have the same thing for their soups. I love their organic produce. RW

  4. I'm with you, I don't use coupons either, except on some beauty products that I haven't found an alternative for. Unfortunately they don't print coupons for fresh asparagus!

  5. RW-within walking distance of your home. I would be there every day just to "check it out". When we visit our daughter in Dublin, OH, she lives 5 minutes from one and we go almost every day, just to "check it out."

  6. I seldom use those coupons either. They are never for anything I use or need. Big wast of paper!!