Tuesday, August 2, 2011

OK, a little repeat on the peas

Sometimes the obvious to me is not to someone else.  I have had at least three requests asking how I make creamed peas.  You see, I thought everybody did this.  Now I am almost embarrassed to tell you what I do, because I think I invented this myself.

I really was not allowed in my mother's kitchen much, unless it was in the preparing of the food or the clean-up.  Being a strong German, she simply did not want me to mess up her kitchen.  Speaking to my friends that I grew up with, they share some of the same reflections.

But, I digress.  Here is how I cream peas.  Actually there are two ways.  Barely cover the peas with enough water and simmer them gently until they are softened.  Not too long.  I then prepare in a cup some cream, half and half or milk and add enough cornstarch or flour to make a thickened slurry.  When the peas are almost done, stir this slurry mixture into the peas and continue cooking until the peas are thickened nicely with a beautiful cream sauce.  Of course, salt and pepper to taste.  Cornstarch works best this way so that you don't have the raw flour taste.

The other way I do it is, again, simmer the peas in just enough water.  In a separate pan, I make a roux of butter and flour and brown slightly.  When the peas are done, I pour the water the peas have been cooking in, into the roux and stir the sauce.  If it is too thick, since I am just going by guess and by golly, add some milk or cream which is a nice topper for the butter flavored roux.

There you go.  Oh yes, I almost forgot.  When my daughters were young, I often made a roux and added it to the liquid of a can of peas and then added the peas back in.  This helps make the canned peas taste just a little better.

Now, this morning I have all my little soldiers in a row, so I am going to finish my apricot jam.  I hope to tell you about it tomorrow.


  1. Anonymous10:49 AM

    That is exactly how I know it, with a roux. All my German family cooks it like that. Also carrots and peas. I prefer mine now with butter and salt or pancetta and onions.

  2. Thanks! This would good down very well at a dinner party I am hosting next weekend. It's something a little different that I haven't come across before!

  3. As you know I wasn't allowed in the kitchen either.

  4. Sounds great! I was always under my nana's feet in the kitchen. She was wonderful and always gave me some small task to do, it was wonderful.

    That's for the creamed pea recipe, it sounds delicious!