Sunday, September 12, 2010

Things are a changing

The mountain range has been changing. More and more snow has been staying way up high. It is just so breathtaking.

This would be a beautiful scene to wake up to every day. Our days are kind of warm, but the frost in the mornings tells us that the seasons are changing, which brings me to my next subject.
The first time I heard it, I was inside. Did not know what had fallen. It startled me. So many homes in Montana have metal roofs. They cost more than shingles, but they last longer. Another great bonus is that the snow does not build up and slides right off in the winter.
So, I went outside to find out what all the noise was about. Our local pine squirrels are busy gathering nuts and dropping pine cones out of the tops of trees. When they hit the metal roofs, the noise is very loud. They are also pretty bold by dropping the pinecones on your head when you are outside.

They are so cute, and they bother Kippy when she is outside. They tease and then run up the trees. Kippy gets very frustrated.

This squirrel was busy eating pine nuts and leaving the shells in a big pile inside the Trout's wader shoes.

Our new friends out here in Montana. Judging by how busy they are, I'd say the winter just might be cold and long.


  1. Beautiful post Susan.
    The squirrel is just too cute. I've never seen a grey one as ours are brown.

  2. Cute post! Yup, Fall is in the air and I'm hoping that winter *won't* be cold and long, because I don't get to go to Florida! LOL

  3. Beautiful mountains! Cute squirrels! Our Oliver tries to chase them every chance he gets--even up trees!! I love the sound of rain on a tin roof. Not sure I'd appreciate acorns lobbed by squirrels.


  4. If anyone would like the view of the 2nd pic, it can be had for a mere $10 MILLON-6000 ACRES I think-it sold a couple of yrs ago for $7 millon I believe and I heard it would be developed with lots and a golf course but hopefully that idea died with the economy!!!

  5. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Beautiful nature and pictures. It's been a while since I've seen snow..

    Happy Sunday!


  6. Pine cones keep falling on your head - No, that is wrong I think it is supposed to be rain drops!!! I cannot believe you are having frosts already, that is scary. We are still in temperatures well up in the 20'sC. I dread my return to the UK next month:-( Diane

  7. I forgot to say the pictures are quite amazing and that second one........ Diane

  8. Yep, the squirrels have been extra busy, extra early...I hope it means early snow and lots of it - we haven't had a good Winter for awhile.

  9. I can only imagine a Montana Winter. I assume you will make your way back south before Winter really sets in-

    The squirrels, they remind me of my backyard in which there are only the cores of pine cones scattered about the driveway and backyard.

  10. The mountain range sure is breathtaking.