Monday, September 27, 2010

Idaho Sweet Corn

Growing up in Iowa, we always knew we had the best sweet corn in the nation.  (I bet there are several other states that proclaim this feat.)  But, I will admit, the people from Idaho know how to grow corn also.

Our neighbor brought over some of this beautiful corn after a trip through Idaho.  He said he just saw a farmer with a pickup truck selling corn along side the road.  Actually, that is the best place to buy corn.

It was beautiful and tasted outstanding!!  It reminded us of our dear friends from Germany.  In the late 70's we were living in lower Michigan and were quite active in a Sister City program with a town from northern Germany.  We hosted a couple and corn on the cob was on the menu. 

At first, they were quite shocked.  To much of Europe, sweet corn was not something to eat as it had never been available to them.  Only pigs ate corn in their part of the world.  Well, after that first slathering of butter, and watching us carefully as to how to eat this vegetable, they changed their minds.  When we met up with Dieter and Heidemarie in Germany this past May, the sweet corn was the first thing they wanted to talk about.  It seems some people are starting to grow it themselves, so it is becoming more available in Europe.

Corn also reminds me of when The Trout and I were living in Germany in 1968-69.  Our landlords were an elderly brother and sister.  They invited us down one evening to enjoy their television and they had a special treat to serve us.  It seems they had just become familiar with popcorn.  To our surprise, they served it in a bowl, with a spoon, and covered with cherry juice.  We did not say anything about melted butter or salt, just ate their style of popcorn and actually enjoyed it.

If sweet corn is still available in your area, enjoy it.  I am looking forward to this winter as sweet corn is available from the farmer's markets all the time in Florida.


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  2. Sorry slip of the finger!!

    Sweet corn, or mielies as they are called in South Africa, were always part of my life. South African maize is delicious, and of course, it the basic diet of the indigenous when it is ground and called Mielie Meal. There is nothing better that a good Mielie with butter, salt and pepper. Yum Yum. Diane

  3. Your story about the German couple brought to mind the first time my mother served my husband corn. He is eastern european and corn was for the pigs. He has since developed quite the taste for it. The fresher the better!


  4. I love corn. My mom had a similar experience making dinner for my English aunt and Danish grandmother, she made corn bread! They were shocked but they decided it was delicious. My husband thinks dried peas are animal food to his have to be fresh. The first time I made him a pot of black eyed peas with dried peas he looked at me and said ,"that is pig food"! funny the different customs people have.

  5. Susan, I couldn't help but smile when I read your story about the popcorn in Germany. Our good manners always serve us well in situations such as that.

    All of our local corn is gone now. I'll be looking forward to Florida corn along with you this winter.

  6. They do grow some wonderful things in Idaho and not just potatoes! I just finished the last of the Idaho peaches which were wonderful.

    Popcorn with cherry juice - now that's interesting!

  7. I've heard of people eating popcorn with sugar and milk - like a cereal. We've had some really delicious corn on the cob this summer - and enough put up in the freezer to enjoy it this winter!

  8. We're right in the middle of corn season here and I can't get enough of it. But I may not be able to say that after I get through the huge bag I brought home from the market Saturday.

    Popcorn and cherry juice...don't know about that combo.

  9. When I was home on the farm growing up, I would eat myself nearly sick with sweet corn and fresh tomatoes! Oh, how well that taste goes together!

    Popcorn and cherry juice... well, I'd give it a try.

  10. Very sweet story about the couple from Germany! I just bought some corn at a farm stand in Maine - guess what we're having for supper tonight!!!

  11. I've lived in Germany and have relatives there, so I know how true your comments are. But as the younger people travel, they often have sweet corn while in the US and try to grow or buy it at home...

    Popcorn made me think of Laura Ingalls Wilder's book Farmerboy in which Almanzo fills a glass with milk and then fills it with a glass of pop corn and it doesn't overflow. I've always thought of trying this, but never have!

  12. The trout (sea trout included) in the little river in wales where we fish love sweetcorn!

  13. I always thought Michigan had the best sweet corn. LOL. I too am looking forward to the Florida Farmer's Markets this Winter. We are heading back the 1st of November. It is cool and rainy in NC right now.

  14. Wow that corn looks so good! The first bite always tastes like sugar. We have so-so corn here that is brought up from WA via barge. It's too cold to grow it so we have to bring it in for $1.00 an ear!

    When we lived in WA we used to buy it from the farmer's pickup--12 ears for a buck!