Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Save the Damsel in Distress

I have to say, making that trip down to the Big Hole River last Sunday, took my mind to other places.  While The Trout was fly fishing in the river, I was wandering through the sagebrush and rocks, thinking of times in the long gone past. 

See those rocks above?  I thought I heard hoof beats coming from up wonder.  I strained on my tip toes to look.  Could it be?  I think I recognize that horse...could it really be Trigger?  And then...there is another horse coming up close behind.  A horse of a different color, you might say.  Yes, it was Silver.

Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, coming around the sagebrush and rushing over to say hello.  At least that is what I thought they were going to do.  No, they warned me that the Indians were coming and that I needed to make way and hide behind the nearest boulder. 

My heart started racing and beating.  Not Indians!!  It had always been my greatest fear.  I have enough bad hair days, I do not need any kind of help from them.  (Please forgive me!)

Seeing no boulders, I begged Roy to hoist me up and let me ride behind him to safety.  Being the gentleman that he is, he tipped his hat and gave me his gloved hand, and up he swung my body as if I had the weight of a feather.  (Forgive me for this exaggeration also.)

So there we were, Roy, Gene and I, riding off to the sunset.  Wait..what is that I hear?  Oh yes, The Trout telling me it is time to move on out.  But, gosh, it was such fun while it lasted.  Y'all thanks for listening!!


  1. What a lovely post, it is good to dream a while, especially wonderful things like that:-) Diane

  2. Susan, you've brought back wonderful memories of Roy and Gene. It seems like only yesterday that we were going to the Saturday afternoon matinee and they were entertaining us with their heroism.

    Happy trails,

  3. My youngest son because a big Gene Autry/Roy Rogers fan about five years ago after taking a college course (can't remember what course) that the professor introduced them in. We watched a few of the oldies and heard some of the cds. What nostalgic fun.


  4. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Roy as a child. He actually brought one of his horses into my aunt's farmhouse kitchen. My eyes were WIDE. A thrill I will never forget.

  5. my dear I think it is time for the HOME and a padded room!! trout

  6. Wish I would have been there; imagine riding with Roy and Gene. He was my hero when I was growing up many many years ago.

  7. Beautiful picture - I could just see them riding up as you described :) Cute post!

  8. That was such a cute story! I think I hear Sam Elliot galloping up to rescue me :)