Thursday, December 31, 2009


The Trout and I love all foods. Rarely have we found friends with the same taste in food. Dear friends Ben and Jan in Wisconsin fit into this category, but unfortunately, we don't get to see them much anymore.

So, The Trout and I enjoy these special foods with each other. When our daughter and family were here for Christmas week, they drove over to the east coast of Florida where we lived 10 years ago. They were kind enough to go to our favorite seafood market and bring back two dozen oysters from New England. We had one dozen last night and they were salty and perfect. Tonight we have the last dozen with our favorite New Year's Eve meal. That will be shared at another time.

We like to end the year with seafood. I'm not sure why, but we do love all fish and shellfish a lot and it just seems a fitting way to seal off the old year.

Wishing all my blogger friends a very Happy New Year 2010. My wish for the new year is that all the guests to my blog will make a comment now and then. I know you are there, I'd just like to get to know you. Comment anonymously. That works also. But let's get to know each other because I'd like to welcome you all to my little world. Happy 2010!!


  1. Susan, oysters are an aquired taste and I absolutely love them. What a great tradition for New Years Eve ~ fresh steamed oysters and a bottle of "bubbly".

    Wishing you & The Trout a very joyous and healthy New Year! I look forward to reading about your adventures & creative posts in 2010.

  2. HI Susan!

    Those Oysters look so good!


  3. No oysters for me unless they are teeny tiny and fried. Gary's Oyster Bar in Lake Alfred is supposed to be a really good place to go for oysters. Happy New Year, Susan and hubby!

  4. Oysters on the half shell are one of our favorites. I tend to favor the small ones, which makes more for my husband. You've described them perfectly. Happy new year to you and the Trout.

  5. Just stopping by to wish a Happy New Year. I'll be back next week. Have a wonderful holiday.

  6. What a treat! Those look wonderful. Happy New Year to you!

  7. Hi Susan the oysters make my mouth water, we love them and try to have them often, we even go out collecting them, Pacific rock oysters are lovely taste similar but are darker and sort of creamier than ordinary deep sea ones. Mainly we deep fry them in batter but sometimes we make a lovely chowder for a change and mainly use small or damaged oysters.
    Scallops are also lovely.