Monday, December 21, 2009

Our Kippy

Our baby, Kippy the Bichon Frise, spent the morning at the spa. Bath, grooming and new ribbons and scarf make it a special day for her. She loves being groomed. She has a 14th birthday on December 31, so she will look quite festive for her birthday and the New Year.

Oh help....why do we get so involved with our pets? She has been a delight 99% of the time. The other 1% we will not talk about.


  1. Susan, Kippy is a doll! I know what you mean about them getting involved with our life. I have had the pleasure to have had three wonderful Pembroke Welsh Corgis . The first two, Winnie & Flip Wilson ~namesake of the entertainer ~ were the proud parent of 20 puppies over 5 litters. Winnie always said that Flip kept her "barepawed & pregnant". But they were such a joy.

    The third, e.c.chapman, and last to date was a wonderful tri-color like Flip that I inherited from a dear friend in Connecticut. He was quite the character and always wonder why we did not have a cocktail every day at five o'clock. He lived 4 years to the day of his previous owner ~ I know that they are back to enjoying their 5 o'clock drinks and waiting for me to join them.

    I send Birthday Wishes to Kippy and many more to come.

  2. It is in our nature to nurture. Kids move out and the desire is still there. We do get a break though, you can put the dog in a kennel, something you could not do with your kids;)