Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's time to make new lists for the new year

The week has just gotten away from me. Have enjoyed spending time with daughter, son-in-law and those two grandsons that are going up so quickly. Lots of meals, visits from friends, a party in the neighborhood. I just have not been on the computer as much, which is okay, too.

The kids went to the east coast of Florida yesterday where the grandsons were born, visiting old friends. They get back tonight and then the sad good-byes tomorrow as the once again head home.

The new year. 2010. Just seems like we were watching the millennium turn a short time again. Must start the new year by getting organized and getting some things done. In today's paper I found a website for our local library which offers on-line languages. Actually, they offer 72 different languages. Amazing. Just checked into it briefly and it looks promising. The Trout and I need to improve our French. I truly believe the only way to learn a language is to live it. That is one of our dreams, to one day live for a year in France to take it all in. Aha, one more item on my 'Bucket List.'

Only 4 months from today and we will be in France. We have tried several methods of learning French, but this computer work just might work better. We will also be dipping into Germany for a few days, and I know I don't have to practice my German. In fact, we Skyped with our German friends in northern Germany on Christmas. Have not seen them in 9 years, so it was nice to reconnect in their living room. Isn't it amazing, what the computer allows us to do?

We are having our traditional New Year's Eve dinner which I will share with you and then a little South Beach dieting to get into shape for the coming year. I have so thoroughly enjoyed reading all the blogs of my blogger friends. Wonderful pictures and family stories and phenomenal food.
Looking forward to a new year and reading all the posts to come.


  1. You are absolutely right! Have you read Peter Mayle's books? You can get some great foreign language training on the computer. I am so impressed with you both!

  2. I'm so envious that you are traveling to Paris in the Spring. I was there last April and the weather was perfect. It's a wonderful time of year to travel.

    Happy New Year, Susan.

  3. Have you every tried the Rosetastone thing, I have one but haven't used it yet...waiting for life to slow down. I look forward to your upcoming adventures, it is a pleasure to read and learn form you.

  4. JOdy, have not tried the Rosetta stone, but everything else. Seemed like a great expense. Have searched the colleges around to see if we could take a class, looked for adult education classes, and no luck so far. We can make ourselves heard, but just can't understand when someone speaks back to us. But, we love the challenge.