Saturday, October 24, 2009

Still plugging away

I have always liked to watch Michael Chiarello cook on TV. He is very likable, always throws fantastic dinner parties and I like what he cooks. I also receive his catalog Napa Style. During the summer his cover had beautiful wine bottles with candles inside. I sent the picture to my daughter thinking her husband could cut wine bottles to achieve this same affect for much, much less.

When we stopped to see them a couple of weeks ago, he volunteered to try cutting the bottom out of the wine bottle with his wet saw. So, The Trout and I went to the Whole Foods, not looking for the perfect wine this time, but the perfect bottle to experiment with. This certainly isn't a magnum, which would be perfect, but it was large enough to produce an almost identical bottle to M. Chiarello's with a much better price. I really like it a lot. Thanks, Mike and Angie. We are enjoying this new candle bottle.

I think I may have found a very perfect granola recipe for myself. I have been buying expensive and too sugary granola-type cereal, but certainly do not like the price. I then saw that a blog I love to read "For the love of cooking" had a great sounding granola recipe, so I had to try it. You can see it here. Very simple and I had all the ingredients. I also add dried apricots because I had some of those around. Very good on Greek yogurt which is my yogurt of choice right now.

Still cleaning out closets before The Trout gets back. Also went out to dinner last night (smile) with a girlfriend. Kippy went to the groomer today. Life is good.


  1. i have a good recipe for granola too. Love your wine candle! Very pretty. I've been experimenting making yogurt and found out that my crock pot on the keep warm setting heats water to 110 degrees,so voila we made yogurt!

  2. Anonymous5:08 PM

    this is great.. since we offer granola as one of our cereal choices here... Love love love granola personally myself

    thanx... birchemuesli anyone :)

  3. Gloria7:22 PM

    The candle is beautiful, and I am thinking that you meant to say cut the bottom off the bottle to get what you needed. Am I correct? You have also inspired me to make granola again; I used to make it all the time. Yum! I also have a new appreciation--Greek yogurt. Yum again.

  4. Your candle in the wine bottle is beautiful and how clever to make one yourself. I love the soft, glowing effect on the table.

    I agree with you, Pam's granola is wonderful on yogurt.

  5. Isn't Pam's blog wonderful? She never disappoints. I love your modern version of a hurricane lamp. It really does look stylish in that Napa sort of way. I also love MC. He is no longer filming for the Food Network. That's a shame. They don't know a good thing when they see it.

  6. Great looking candle. I'm going to check out the granola. I haven't found a store bought one I like due to too much sugar. Thanks for the link.

    I just read what Mary said about Michael C. no longer filming on the Food Network. Food has become too much entertainment. A shame.

  7. I've been saving bottles for a bottle tree, I sense a change of plans,this would work great for outdoor candles that the wind keeps blowing out.

  8. Exactly, Jody. A group of them would look so great.