Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And so it goes...

Catching up a lot at home. Found a new dentist today that will be perfect for me. The last one had equipment older than me (yes, it is possible) and the hygienist had her 3 Spanish speaking children constantly chattering in the room the whole time she was cleaning my teeth. Why am I always the lucky one? Possibly because I don't complain much in public---just afterward at home.

The Trout is on his way, flying back to Montana! He is meeting up with his fishing buddy for 10 more days of cold weather fly fishing. He knew better than to ask if I wanted to go along. I am very happy to be back in Florida, thank you.

My Southern Living magazine arrived today. Pleasant surprise to see a six page article on Ree Drummond, known in the blog world as The Pioneer Woman. She does have the greatest recipes and stories.

A lot of cleaning out drawers and that type of stuff while the Trout is gone 10 days. I do things like that best alone, because I tend to make a bigger mess until it is all cleaned up. Anybody been there?

Knitting a new hat for 5 year old granddaughter. She outgrew the hat I knit 3 years ago and wanted the same one. I will post when it is done because it is the cutest thing for a little girl. And....she likes it!! She is home right now with the H1n1 flu which is not good. I pray she will have a quick recovery as well as the rest of the family who are probably getting it. This is a nasty flu. I did hear a doctor say that those born in the 40's and early 50's have a natural immunity since our mothers were exposed to that terrible flu of 1918-1920. Interesting theory. No flu shots available around here anyway this year so we will just go with the flow and carry hand sanitizer everywhere.

Cooking will also slow down in the next week. Need to lose some weight (who doesn't) and it is a good time to clean out the kitchen instead of cooking.

Other than a few extra walks outside, I will be checking all your blogs and if something profound happens here...I'll be ready to share.


  1. I understand completely about special cleaning while the guys are gone. I always wish that I could leave a small spot dirty or messy so I could see what I accomplished :-). I hope you enjoy your alone time. It's also a great time to tackle xmas shopping.

  2. I really curious as to who your new dentist is. I love Dr. Craig Valentine...great dentist and office staff. Same goes for Dr. Billy Brown, in Bartow.

  3. I found Robert Prisbe off S. Florida. He's also covered by our insurance. I am pleased. Now I need to find someone to give me a VERY good haircut!!

  4. Sounds like you've been keeping busy. When I organize things, I also tend to make a big mess. Then I put everything back in an orderly fashion. I do that ever so often when I see that things are in disarray again.

    I like it when my husband goes on business trips and then it's just the kids and I. I find that I get more things done when he's not around. :-)

    And most importantly, I hope your granddaughter gets well soon. I'm sure she'll be smiling when you give her her new hat. :-)

    PS: their are still dentists around with old equipment??? Shouldn't it be banned? Good thing you switched.

  5. ew the flu, so sorry...would love to see the hat. Actually I want to learn to knit, it is on my to do list. I'd like to expand my crochet to embrace patterns, just imagine.
    As for profound, after all the company I have had this month, it's re group at my house.

  6. Susan, Hope your Granddaughter is better soon. Interesting about us having immunity. You are right about getting things done when the guys are not around. You could do what I did when David was on his motorcycle trip - rent The Holiday and Grey Gardens and enjoy the chick flicks.

  7. Glad you found a good for that haircut - I'll see if I can find out where Stella is working now. I was very happy with her, when I was still living in Lakeland!

  8. Anonymous5:53 PM

    always great 2 find a good zahnartzt :)

    we have a great one here in montana
    have fun with the grandd.