Thursday, October 29, 2009

It was a surprise gift!

Have you tried POM Wonderful? It is 100% pomegranate juice grown in California's San Joaquin Valley. Someone from POM Wonderful was reading my blog and emailed me if I would like to receive a sample of POM. No strings attached.

My case of POM Wonderful arrived a few days ago, and I have been enjoying it every day since. It is full of antioxidants with no fillers, added sugars or the bad stuff. It really is quite enjoyable. Researchers say that it is the most potent antioxidant in nature, standing above red wine, grape juice, blackberry juice; you get the picture.

When my case is gone, I will be looking for it at my grocer's. So, thank you, POM Wonderful, for reading my blog, and for sending me this healthy juice.

On a more sober note...the alligator is back in our backyard pond. Be alert, be very alert!


  1. The alligator is back? I didn't know you had a problem. Is there someone you can call?

  2. He's too little to do much harm...hee hee. He just gets bored and goes to another pond. EVENTUALLY. If he gets too big, like 12 foot long, then someone will take care of him. He is along about 5 or 6 feet right now.

  3. Alligators, oh my. We had a big one once in our canal. The seawall was too high for him to get out thank goodness. Be careful.

  4. Susan... Thanks for the tip about POM. I have wanted to try it, but not sure if it lived up to its 'press'. But I definitely pick up a few bottles and give it a try.

    Regarding alligators ~ my old dear Welsh Corgi was once nearly gator lunch, but luckily she darted away. So, keep your loved ones at bay.

  5. OMG Susan...5-6 feet long, that's pretty big in my book! Yikes!!! Have you seen him out of the water and in your back yard yet!!!! :0

    Hey...Love that juice too, we see it all over down here. So good for you too!

    Hello to Mr. Trout, oh is he back from MT yet?


  6. An alligator in your backyard!!! Yikes, call somebody quick.

  7. Send him here..we will freeze his butt! I would be really careful with my dog..but I am sure you are careful. Very nice blog you have here, I will be back again to read some more! :)