Friday, March 11, 2011

This should not be ordinary

A constant reminder that we are no longer in Iowa!!  No, this is not an alligator farm.  We see this large creature on almost a weekly basis as we deliver Meals on Wheels. 

Our usual route is to deliver Meals on Wheels on Tuesdays, and after our last delivery, we drive past this lake where at least one, if not two or three of these beauties are lying in the sun.   After all these years, I am still in awe of these ugly, dangerous creatures. 

Lucky for us, we are doing an extra Meals on Wheels run today.  Alfredo Alligator, "See you later!"

By the way, if you have a couple of hours free during the week, volunteer to deliver Meals on Wheels.  It is the most heart-warming experience.  You are greeted by the same people weekly and they are so appreciative of a hot meal, your smiling face and just a friendly hello. There is often a dog that greets you that also needs a little scratch behind the ears.   I usually check to make sure the house feels warm or cool, depending on the weather and ask them if they are doing okay for the day.  We may all be in that position one day.  It is just a very little way to give back to our elderly or infirm.  As for the hot meal today for you!!!


  1. That alligator is pretty scary looking. I remember the first time I encountered one on a golf course. It was at Charleston National and I had hit a little draw off the tee and it was barely into the left rough beside a body of water... well, you can guess who was hissing at me when I approached my ball. Needless to say, I left that one there. LOL!

    Kudos to you two for delivering Meals on Wheels. I have it on my list to do when time allows. Thank you for affirming that decision.

  2. It's certainly not like seeing a nice doggie or pretty kitty along the way!!
    Good for you for your volunteer work - we all need to take some responsibility for one another in such ways.

  3. You and the Trout are such caring people.

    As for Alfredo Alligator - at least it's too cold in MN to have 'gators. We lived in Florida for a year when Ole was in the Navy - not far from the St. John's River. I remember very vividly that a young boy was playing on the dock in the river and fell in. He was attacked by an alligabor and lost his leg. At least the mosquitoes up here can only give you West Nile Virus (chuckle).

  4. You are a brave lady to have to face this creature. Love the fact that you are doing Meals on Wheels. It is one of my objectives if my huband ever retires.
    Have nice weekend.

  5. You have to rent the movie 'Lake Placid' Bette White is in it, so you know it's hysterical!

    This country does not take care of the elderly or infirmed like other countries. You're doing a very good deed!

  6. Not great to have so close. We used to live on the Hunyani river in Zimbabwe and we lost one of our dogs to an African crocodile. Our gardener used to be very wary of working too close to the water!! Diane

  7. Yikes! Not exactly a sight I'd like to see regularly. Congrats on the meals on wheels work!

  8. That bad boy looks like he was eying you in your wheels for his meal. We had to beware of alligators when we lived in Charleston although not as prevalent as in some areas of Florida.

    You're right, it's a great program and volunteers are so appreciated. Kudos!


  9. Oh, when we had a condo in Saint Petersburg I had read of a woman who had found an alligator in .. her kitchen!!! She was very fast and had closed the door and called the relevant city hall service .. but I was glad I did not live in a house!!!

  10. What a great photo of that amazing beast... he looks like he is enjoying the sunshine.

    The bulgogi down below looks fantastic.

  11. I would definitely admire from a distance.... A far distance....

  12. I am absolutely scared to death of alligators. We have them here from time to time. They remove them after they reach a certain size.

    Thank you for volunteering for Meals on Wheels. It is a wonderful program.

    Have a wonderful week.


  13. We too live in Florida and unfortunately gators are a common sight. My son goes to UF and there is one in the pond there, so scary.