Thursday, August 5, 2010


And is he HAPPY! Love my Montana and the challenge of trout fishing!! The streams have been a bit slow yet with little bug hatches but it great shape with plenty of water I think to carry us through the summer. This lovely Brown slammed a hopper attractor on Flint Creek yesterday to make it a good day.
The Lake has been doing pretty well though to fill in my time with a very good Damsel fly hatch around mid day to get the rainbows in a feeding frenzy. This is my attempt to imitate the real thing that has worked pretty well so far as long as the wind stays down. I usually just walk the shore line or use docks to cast to the cruisers looking for a morsel.

Once in awhile, my friend Bruce will offer me a ride in his McKenzie drift boat to reach more further out fish. I met Bruce many years ago when I stopped to check out this guy fishing from the shore line with his trusty Black Lab buddy. He thanked me for stopping for he hadn't talked to a human for a couple of days so he enjoyed my inquistive company.

And of course, there is Louie, our good neighbor still going strong at 87 or 88 years of age. I think he is in better shape this year!! He is our caretaker for the rental house and a good buddy as well.
Below is the decent result from the lake - a decent rainbow that fought well.

Tomorrow will be our 44th anniversary - SCHNITZEL HAS BEEN MY BEST CATCH OF ALL!!! A great wife, my navigator on our many adventures, my nurse and a great Mom and Grandma to our daughters and grandchildren. She truly is a trophy!!! Lets hope we can celebrate many more my dear!!! A GRATEFUL TROUT!!!


  1. Oh, I'd love to be there with you and Schnitzel to help you eat those fish. Fresh is best! I can just see that rainbow trout curl up when you put it in the sizzling frying pan.

    Happy 44th wedding anniversary!!


  2. Prov.18:22 The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favor from the Lord.
    Happy Anniversary!! And great fishing to are indeed a blessed man.

  3. YES I am Jody!!

    Bonnie I do keep 4-5 lake fish to smoke as we get 150,000 or so bows from annual restocking. And maybe 4 cutthroat trout from the coldest stream I know for an annual treat. But that is all, especially from streams that have only natural reproduction. The rest is CATCH AND RELEASE!!

  4. A very Happy 44th Anniversary, may you have many more happy years ahead.

    I love trout, yum, yum. Diane

  5. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Dale, yes, you found a special person to spend the rest of your life with. It is difficult to realize that it has been 44 years since we celebrated your marriage. That was the last time that we saw each other so we probably would not even recognize each other with Facebook photos. You are both blessed to have met each other. I think that Susan was in the room when Kay Albert brought you and a few other students from Walford on a tour through the AHS building. If it was during her sophomore year it would have been during typing class. (Maybe I am a year late for that experience) If so,I think that I saw you a minute or two before she did when she locked you into her sight as you walked into that room!! If it was a year earlier during her freshman year I met you quite a long time before she did. rw

  6. RW, we have been discussing the time frame also. Funny how you forget! I do know I claimed him just about on first sight. It took him a little longer to catch on....chuckle. I am glad you were there for our wedding. It meant a lot to both of us.

  7. Trout and Susan, what a blessing! 44 years!! Pete and I will offer a toast tonight to your next 44. :)

  8. Awww such a sweet tribute to Susan, Dale, brought a tear to my eye. :)

    Great fish photos, looks and sounds like your off to a good fishing season in your beloved Montana.

    "Happy 44th Anniversary" my friends, so good to see you last night, and have a wonderful dinner in Missoula.

  9. Happy Anniversary to you both. I hope you have a fabulous day and have a chance to celebrate. Blessings...Mary

  10. Happy Anniversary to both of you! May you have a wonderful day and very satisfying year ahead!

  11. Happy Anniversary to you both! We just celebrated our 44th and isn't it grand to have arrived at this wonderful stage in our lives. May you have many more adventures together.

  12. The fish looks great! Happy Anniversary to the both of you! We just celebrated our 43rd not too long ago. Here's wishing you many more great years together!

  13. Happy Anniversary you 2! And that rainbow looks positively yummy!

  14. Happy anniversary to you both. I totally agree about Susan being a great catch. We'll be celebrating 41 this year. Life just seems to get better.

    Your trout fishing looks so relaxing. I know you'll enjoy your summer. I enjoyed meeting your friends. What a life you guys have.

  15. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary from Sue & Nick :-)

    PS Nick went fishing in Wales last weekend and caught nothing! The river was very low with the drought so he is blaming it on that . . . no trout for our BBQ that night but we did have a superb Welsh steak to make up for it instead

  16. What a great post! Love you photos; everything looks so serene.
    Can't beat a good trout!
    Hope you had a
    Happy Anniversary!

  17. I would love to fish here. Someday I want to catch a trout too, just like this beauty.

  18. Beautiful pics and a beautiful spot in Montana! Happy Anniversary to you both!