Saturday, August 14, 2010

Small town in Montana

The small town of Philipsburg, Montana, is steeped in mining and ranching history. It was a busy mining town in the late 1800's and today the buildings are all beautifully restored in the downtown area.

Philipsburg lies in the Pintler scenic loop and is located at 5280 foot altitude. It is a lovely town to visit, shop, and dine in. Our friends, Jim and Laurie, came to visit and this is where we took them. Jim is an expert photographer and he has agreed to let me show the photos he took that day. I give him all the credit for showing us all the gorgeous restoration that has taken place in this quaint town.


  1. He does take wonderful pictures. How nice to have friends come for a visit. It is a really pleeasant break from the day-to-day. I hope you are both still having a great time. Blessings...Mary

    P.S. When we return from India I'll see what I can come up with.

  2. Anonymous10:02 AM

    Hey that photo guy is pretty good. The folks in the picture look familiar.
    Best always,
    the photographers wife.

  3. Great pictures! So much fun to spend time with friends.

  4. Wonderful photos, it is so nice that people restore buildings. I find it very sad when old buildings are demolished for new ones. Diane

  5. Looks like a fun place to visit, It is so neat when old towns are restored.

  6. I love it when historic areas are put back to use! Love it! Great photos and I'm guessing a great time with friends.

  7. Great job on the mosaic Susan!! Love to see my little town in photos!!