Monday, May 24, 2010

Some thoughts as we leave Germany

Imagine being greeted by this basket of breads for breakfast every morning while in Germany. Those slices of bread in the middle of the basket are rye bread that had just come out of the wood oven. I truly ate more bread in the almost 3 weeks in Europe than I have in the last year. Three times a least!! It was that good.

One afternoon we came back to the farm a little early. Elfriede was a little embarrassed. She was entertaining a group of hikers who had passed through the farm and had reserved with her a little snack for their stop. Little snack was not the wording I would use. It was a downright feast of cold cuts, pickles, breads and beer and schnapps.
She said she usually does not entertain the guests staying with her, only those passing through. But, she invited us in and we quickly downed a kirschwasser (cherry brandy) that is so prevalent in the Black Forest. She then went into her Germanized Minnie Pearl skit. She spoke in rhyme about a country girl going to the big city. It was hilarious but it certainly lost something in the translation. The Trout did not understand it, but was entertained at how heartily everyone was laughing at the entertainment.

This is a very sad statue sitting in the courtyard of the church in Gutach, Germany. The lady is dressed in traditional folk garb and she is mourning the men who died in World War I and II. Most every town has a memorial to the fallen. This one was very striking.

So, one last glass of Riesling wine before we leave Germany.

And, of course, a large beer. We had a wonderful visit with our old friends, ate well, toured well and would highly recommend staying at Joklisbauernhof in Gutach, Germany.


  1. I've enjoyed our "visit" to Germany! I do wish I had that basket of bread sitting in front of me along with a pot of jam and a nice sausage. What fun the glass blowing must have been.

    Thanks for the ride!


  2. Susan, that statue really tears at your heart.

    I chuckled at Elfriede in her German tourist garb. It reminded me of how the female tour guides in the antebellum homes along the Mississippi River dress in big hoop skirts, depicting life in the old south before the war for the tourists. They greatly exaggerate their drawl for the tourists, much like Elfriede did with her rhymes and stories. This is a story the Trout can enjoy tell for a long, long time, even if he didn't understand every word.

    So very glad you had a great trip. I feel you've taken us along with you with your great commentary and pictures. I hate to see it end.

  3. Bonnie, thanks for coming along and commenting. There is more to come.

    Sam, this was only a few days in Germany. Hang on, if you want, there is more to come about the time in France. I am full of stories!!!

  4. The bread in Germany (and Austria and Hungary) is so wonderful. Last September when we were in Ravensburg for a nephew's wedding, my bil went out every morning for semmel and bretzel and wonderful fresh crisp delicious German bread! (Oh, did I mention how your blog always makes me HUNGRY?) What great memories.

  5. Kristi, you are so right about the German and Hungarian bread. Love it all. Thanks so much for visiting me again. Come often.

  6. Bread is definitely the best there, just wish we had it available here! We don't even have bakeries in this area anymore. That beer looks good too. I remember seeing all the little kids there drinking beer along with their family and it used to amaze me. That's one great Minnie Pearl dress that Elfriede wore!

  7. This has been a fun journey! I love rye was my dad and grandpa's favorite, too.

    The statue is moving....a Germanized Minnie Pearl!! Must have been hiliarious.

  8. Wonderful! My scandinavian roots are celebrating with you for every bite! There is nothing as delicious as good dark bread, cheese and cold beer; of the authentic variety. You will be spoiled for life!

  9. All those wonderful German breads are so delicious, especially with a nice slice of cheese to go with them. I'm enjoying reading about your trip, Susan.

  10. Where to begin:-). For openers, with bread like that I would never come back :-). The memorial to the dead is very touching and I'm sure has an even greater impact when see up close and personal. I'm loving your vacation Susan. I'm so glad you had a good time. Blessings...Mary

  11. The cold cut, pickles and bread feast sounds right up my alley! What a fun time! The beer looks really refreshing too!

  12. Oh Susan how wonderful everything looks. That bread and wine and beer..oh my!! LOL

    You guys had such a wonderful time over there.

  13. I have often wondered how the German's commemorate the WW's. Very enjoyable visit!