Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thin crust pizza, Roma style

Before Baking

We have been to Italy several times, but I think the trip to Rome in 2003 (before we went to the digital camera), was one of the best.  We ate traditional Italian pizza quite a bit.  We loved the crisp, cracker-like crust with very few toppings, but very high on flavor. 

We rarely order pizza out in the US, but I do try to make it at home quite often.  Never have I been able to get that real Italian crust.....until today!!!

We stopped for lunch in Tampa on Friday at The Toasted Pheasant  which is a bistro that is as cute as its name.  We had the Niçoise Pizza.  It was a crispy, cracker crust and topped with goat cheese, fresh basil, marinated olives and anchovies.  We loved it.  I asked the waiter if the crisp crust was a secret.  He revealed that semolina was used.  A-ha!  Now I get it!!

So I started searching and found this recipe for a semolina pizza crust on "Hide the Cheese".  I followed the directions exactly and we had the crispy, crackling crust that we both love.  Topped it with a thin pizza sauce out of the freeze and some browned Italian sausage, a basil-Parmesan spread, chopped olives and goat cheese.  It was perfect!!! 

We have never been fans of the deep dish pizza crusts since visiting Italy.  It is just tastier and less filling to eat the crisp crusts.

This first time, I also did not use my stone in the oven.  I picked up this fantastic, slick, pizza pan at a local restaurant supply store this winter, and I really love it a lot.  I do plan to use the stone next time to see the difference it might make. 


  1. My favorite type of pizza! Your's looks absolutely delicious!

  2. While in Victoria we found a restaurant that served the authentic thin crust pizza; so so good. I tried to make it at home and ws always disppointed. Thank you so muxh; can't wait to try your Secret crust.

  3. I love thin crust pizza, but i have a hard time making it at home...I'll have to try this.

  4. I always make my own pizza crusts, but they're always way too thick - more like bread. I'll give this one a try... thanks, Susan!

  5. Thin crust is the best! Will have to give this a try.

  6. I am salivating! I love thin, crispy crust! Please let us know if the stone or the slick pan worked better. Thank you. Tanna

  7. I didn't have a recipe for thin crispy pizza dough, but this sounds like a keeper. Again many thanks!

  8. I like a thin and crisp crust too - not a fan at all of the doughy, deep dish crust.

  9. Thin crust for us! I've never quite understood the "famous" deep-dish Chicago pizza. It's good but, to me, unpizzaish. I'm going to give this recipe a try.


  10. Mmmmm I can just taste it all the way from here. It looks really pretty too, so colorful Susan.

    I too enjoy the thin crust much better than the traditional or thick.

    Good Job!

  11. Wow, what a fabulous pizza. I love both thick and thin crusts, but I'll be trying yours looks incredible :)

  12. Just found your blog... can't wait to look around. this pizza look DELISH!
    Mini Baker