Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dining at Hotel Baldy

Out of my travel diary I read, "We drove to Fondamente in southwest France, and walked along the River Sorgue and found it full of trout. We stopped at the Cafe Hotel Baldy for lunch. (Now that is a name that will not be forgotten.)
The dining room was lovely and we were the first guests of the day. We order the 15 Euro menu each, the plate of the day. First we had amuse bouche (mouth amusements) with a Kir for Dale and a Vin elegante for me. The surprise appetizer was a cherry tomato on a stick with cheese, homemade potato chips, and a cold mushroom soup topped with creme fraiche in a tiny cup.

A very large silver, oval platter arrived with 2 grilled beef steaks, wonderful garden lettuce topped with oil and vinegar, green beans with bacon,fried potatoes and tomato halves topped with mushrooms, garlic and cream and roasted in the oven. It was wonderful!! We also had a 1/2 Liter of red house wine.

This is the embarrassing 'after' picture. We did pretty good, don't you think? For dessert we had creme brulee. It was quite a drive, but so worth it."
We are still talking about this meal almost 3 years later.


  1. What a lovely meal!... and in France for only 15 euros. Such great memories!Love all those pictures. When we were in France I had créme caramel and crême brulée every chance I got. Great post; thank you for sharing.

  2. What aroused are memory today was the lovely post on who wrote about the Aubrac strain of cattle!! The wife-hostess of the restuarant showed us a map of the region where France's best beef came from which they were serving that day for a song! what great fresh veggies right out of their garden in back of the restuarant.

    We learned of this restuarant and others from an American visiting the village of Le Barry that we stayed in who just happened by as we were unloading. He spend alot of time in the area and was full of good ideas for touring and eating and a great wine store nearby. A lucky acquaintance again!! TROUT

  3. The hotel looks charming - and what a lovely name! It made me giggle. You are making me very envious as although we are off to Bordeaux soon we will be at the en primeur wine tasting and no explorations to little auberges and inns for us, more's the pity!

    Thanks for your kind comments about the Aubracs - aren't they beautiful creatures!

  4. That sounded and looked amazing! I have no clue how much 15 euros are but I'm sure it was worth each one!

  5. I would still be talking about that meal too. It looked and sounds wonderful. Isn't it fun to find delightful pleasure for our tummies when we travel?

  6. Anonymous9:15 AM

    i used to run a race held each year on labor day... Run to the Top of .. Mt Baldy.. the finish line was at 10,064 feet ! :) So we each have special heart tugs for that name

    looks like a yummer feast

  7. What a wonderful restaurant - the house looks so romantic - the interior is so beautiful and the food is fantastic, probably should be - because you have certainly had a beautiful day -
    best wishes - Ruth

  8. That restaurant is beautiful, everything is so bright and inviting!

  9. What a gorgeous restaurant and that meal looked positively American!

  10. Definitely worth the drive Susan. What a platter of food. I just love the daily plate specials in France.