Saturday, January 28, 2017

Reflections of the Past and Looking to the Future

It seems to me, when things are in transition, it is best to remain silent.  The blog has been sitting quietly for some time, and that is just fine.  We all need rest now and then.  I find I am also reading less blogs because a lot of my blogger friends from 7-8 years ago, have also put their writing to rest.  I do not think it was a fad, rather a transition of making what is comfortable into something that is more polished and professional.  I also find that I do not enjoy going to a blog website that is so full of so many things that I do not know where to start looking.  Perhaps more professional and certainly a money maker, but not as enjoyable as it used to be.

I started my blog simply for my own records to keep track of special meals, special trips and very special friends and family.  I refer back often and really do enjoy reading old comments again.  That is how I made some very special friends.  Friends, I have even had the pleasure of meeting during the years.  That is when blogging was very special.  So, I hope to have an infrequent update posted to keep reminding me of how fortunate I am.

We have become quite adjusted now to living in Arizona.  It is home!  Unfortunately, we are now farther away from our children who live in northern Wisconsin and western North Carolina.  That is why there are airplanes and telephones and computers.  We can have lots of contact.

We live in a beautiful retirement community, but that means a lot of "old" people, and as we age, things go wrong.  As a dear friend of mine always states, "this is the winter of our discontent."  So many ailments from knee problems, shoulder problems, eye problems, back problems, you get the picture.  There also seem to be more deaths.  So sad, but still, would not live anywhere else.  We are all support for each other.  In no neighborhood where I have ever lived, have I seen as much love, friendship and compassion as I do in PebbleCreek.  It is the very best place for us to be; that is the truth.

So, as The Trout is 3 months out from Rotator cuff surgery and still having pain, but almost full mobility of his shoulder, and I am having knee arthroscopic surgery on February 10 so that I can walk once more without pain, it is our wonderful neighbors who help see us through all this.  We are so fortunate.

I have been wanting surgery on my knee for torn cartilage since September.  But as it is, you need to just through hoops with Medicare and go through X-rays and then MRI's and then physical therapy before they will consider the scope.

As The Trout and I celebrate another birthday this week and next, we give thanks for all we have been given, especially our very dear friends who like to hug a lot.  A glass of wine, a toast to good health.  We are so pleased to find such contentment in our new and forever home.  Now, I need to be constructive and do something with all the lemons that were just brought over.  I know I have not made lemonade in forever, so that is first on the list.  Wishing everyone happiness and contentment.  May life be good to you.