Sunday, November 9, 2014

Arizona--we are home!!

The scenery is just a little different.  The entire atmosphere is much more pleasant and the sunshine, the dry air and the beautiful blooming plants and cacti are remarkable.  It has turned into a drawn out affair, but we have finally arrived at our final destination....we are loving Arizona.

Leaving a rental house in Florida proved to not be so simple.  When the movers packed us up, they even packed the weed whacker.  Not something needed here in the SW since grass is not a necessity here.  We have plenty of green though.  As we drive through our new city, I am sometimes amazed at all the vibrant green colors seen.  Yes, the homes are the Santa Barbara/Tuscan style which are brown, tan and Arizona white in colors, but the vegetation surrounding the homes is quite lovely. 

 Several big changes in this part of our country as we adjust.  Most noticeable first of all, there is not a monopoly on the grocery stores.  We have quite a few varieties to choose from within a short distance of our home.  Prices vary and we can pick and choose as we wish.  This is making shopping the ads much more of a part-time occupation, but a fun change.

We also found an Italian deli, a huge Oriental market and several meat markets that have expensive prices for those having no budgets. 

I love to see the produce sections of the stores with all the numerous chilies available.  Will really need to research recipes a little more to make use of what is available here.

The art fairs we have attended have left me speechless.  There is so much talent in this part of the world.  Top class artistic talent.  I am so amazed.  It has been difficult restraining our buying of this individual art.  We need to adjust to our home first and know what we really, really need.  I even bought a beautiful tablecloth from Provence from a French speaking woman.  Did not have to travel far for this.  Amazing!!

I can't end this posting without mentioning the great friends we have here in Arizona.  I know many of you  know that my dear friend from Kindergarten through high school graduation lives near us.  Reconnecting with David has been an absolute thrill and every time we see each other, after a big hug, one of us will say "I can't believe we/you are here!"  It is like family....he knows exactly how I grew up, who I grew up with and why I am who I am. 

I want to end on a pleasant note.  So many of you commented earlier in the year when I told you that my 9 year old granddaughter, Rachel, had been diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I thank you all for your kind words and prayers.  Even my blogger friend, Mary, from One Perfect Bite had her son's church pray for Rachel.  The news is good.  After 6 months of twice a month injections, Rachel has gone into remission.  She will still be carefully watched for 18 months, continue the twice a month injections and then be reevaluated at that time for slow withdrawal from the drug.  She is feeling well and we are so grateful for her progress.  She turned 10 in July and this is starting out to be a very good year for her.  Thank you for all your concerns and prayers.