Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Art of Gourds

Yesterday was spent at a Gourd Festival south of Phoenix in Casa Grande.  We were not familiar with the popularity of this craft until moving to the southwest.  It is very popular here, gourds are grown in this area just for artists and crafters and it is a big deal.

Go to Wuertz Gourd Festival to read more about it.  The Trout is scheduled for classes in learning this craft and  he is as excited as I am.  We did take a few pictures of the winning artists this year and their work is outstanding.

Woodburning  and painting are involved on the outside, but the cleaning of the gourds on the inside is another job in itself. 

Many artists add ropes, pine needles, antler horns to the gourds to give them a very beautiful touch.

Instead of pots, some makes masks for the wall and even purses.  We tend to like the southwest designs on the gourds the best.

We were on the Wuertz farm in Casa Grande which is located between Phoenix and Tucson.  They sell the harvested and dried gourds at a very reasonable price.  We picked up a couple for the future.
In fact, the Trout even picked out one to buy from an artist.  His classes start soon.  I'll be anxious how he does in developing this new craft. 


  1. Sounds like a fun hobby. The artists are quite talented aren't they. So glad you both are having fun in your new community.

  2. Okay, you are just having way too much fun in AZ. Making me think it is the place to live! Ha! Like I would want to endure another move. The gourd festival sounds very interesting. I have two gourd art pieces from a local artist. I'm not sure where he learned, but I loved his work. I will be looking forward to seeing The Trout's art, too! Exciting! blessings ~ tanna