Monday, February 9, 2015

Hatch Chili Ristras

Look at this plump Hatch chili ristras.  We just bought it on Saturday and the peppers are still soft, not totally dried.  Looking forward to using these peppers as we expand our cooking knowledge and step into a little more Mexican cooking.

There is an area of New Mexico which only grows this special type of Hatch chili.  Where to hang it was the next predicament.

This plant hook on the end of kitchen cabinet worked out just great.  Now if anyone has some recipes they love using these chili's, I could use some advice.  At least I am going to enjoy my new SW decoration for my kitchen


  1. Lucky you. I've never tasted Hatch chilies, but my blogger friend Lea Ann raves about them and uses them often on "Cooking on the Ranch." I'm sure she has some great suggestions.

    1. I will check Lee Ann's blog. Thanks.

  2. It looks so good hanging there, I'd have a hard time using them! However, I do look forward to seeing what you cook! blessings ~ tanna

  3. Susan, About five years ago I got a ristra from a New Mexico cook with this recipe for a pork stew. I blogged about it here. Hope that helps!

  4. The chilies are beautiful and add so much flavor to Mexican dishes. I would love to learn to use them in my cooking. I'll look forward to your recipes, Susan. There is a great Mexican grocery market here in town and there are so many products I don't know how to use.

  5. I, too, would love to experiment more with Mexican cooking. You have great inspiration and a great decoration!

  6. My mom had chilis like that hanging in our childhood kitchen. I'm not sure she ever cooked with them, but they sure were gorgeous! I wish I could find more varieties in the Midwest :)

  7. Pretty, pretty chilis but you definitely wouldn't find ristras here! Good luck with finding recipes and Happy Valentine's Day!